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21 Day Habit Challenge Day 21. We will be happy to receive your feedback, written/audio/video testimonials at [email protected]

Posted 4 years ago in Religion & Spirituality

Bhagyashree Phatate-Birajdar 2 years ago

During the lockdown I followed your videos and instructions every single day of 21-day challenge. Therefore successfully completed the 21-day habit challenge 🙏.

Sripriya Iyer 4 years ago

Good morning.2 days we were not live and then another 2 days i watched it later. Sad that its the last day today for 21 day habit challenge. Its become a habit now..and want to continue this

Vinod Kumar Kaushik 4 years ago

Participated in ur live session more than 15 sessions and other 5 I watched recorded ...a lot of learning ..regards: Dr Vinod kaushik

Tammy Garvis 2 years ago

3- days this week
and today I found all 21 vidios and was able to

Pavan Krishna Paladugu 2 years ago

1) adopt trackability.
2) avoid vulnerability for mind and lower self.
3) increase accountability.
4)access spirituality to be sustainable.

Anjali Sircar 4 years ago

Hare Krishna Prabhuji I was with you all these 21 days. Thank you very much and look forward for such live sessions more.

Satya Yadav 4 years ago

Thank u are a great personality!! may lord krishna gives u a great Health to further be with us for improving ourself!! HARE KRISHNA

Barney J 4 years ago

Feeling a bit sad that these sessions will be over but thank you for your divine inspirational thoughts!🙏🙏Hare Krishna!!

Gourneni ChaitanyaVani 4 years ago

Namaste guruji. I came to know about this sessions a week late. So yet to go ahead. Feeling blessed to get to watch this habit challenge. Will save n go through these videos. Thank you a lot guruji.

Sadhana Gurjar 4 years ago

Thanks so much guruji m missing you're live session n suggestions n need to make again live session for different topics.