Valentine's Day

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If your Valentine treat seems more like a threat, #thatsnotlove. Share and speak out against relationship abuse. Learn more at

Posted 6 years ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Salem Samantha 6 years ago

The One Love Foundation was created by the family of a female college student who lost her life because of an abusive partner. The purpose of this organization is to honor Yeardley Love by spreading awareness of domestic violence signs to help prevent stories like hers from happening again: it is not insinuating only males can be abusers or that you and your partner can't be appreciative of each other. Lord.

Dan Seaman 6 years ago

They act like the second one is always bad 😂

Sara Newsom 6 years ago

Theresa , reminds me of someone huh?

Karah Banegas 6 years ago

Patrick hahahahahahaha omg me the other night

Takiyah Lindsey 6 years ago

Lml that second one thoe

Jordan Ruiz 6 years ago

Why is the dude always the bad one? That's gender stereotypical or whatever. I'm offended..

Jordan Oliver 6 years ago

Brookie Burns even tho I'm not with you I'm glad your always there you beautiful faggg

Debbie Fulmer 6 years ago

42 years of marriage, and he has never failed to say I love you, even 1 day...true love!

Elaine Anne Palamos Faraon 6 years ago

im sorry guys but i know this is fake but i always stick to the safe side i know im weird.... If you stop reading this you are gonna die, My name is Teresa Fidalgo if you don’t post this on 20 photos I will sleep with you forever. This girl ignored and 29 days later her mom died. I am real you can search me up on Google Chrome

Chelsea Dougherty 6 years ago

Abigail Fagan have you watched the videos on this page? I love you!