Chris Young - Hey Guys I’ve missed you this summer! So...

Chris Young
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Hey Guys I’ve missed you this summer! So make sure you don’t miss my socially distanced show at Coolray Field in Lawrenceville, Georgia, right outside of...

Posted 1 year ago in Music & Audio

Regina Rodgers 1 year ago

Hey chris! So Thrilled you gonna be in Concert that close to Alabama.I can't wait to see you.Love ya! Stay safe!

Lauren Moore 1 year ago

Chris, could you possibly live stream the show for those of us fans that cannot attend it due to the virus. I will gladly pay to see the show if you could possibly live stream it. Your biggest fan Lauren

Victoria Valdez 1 year ago

Wish I could go, but unfortunately with this virus and financially, I can't go!😥 I'm sure your concert will be amazing, like always! Have fun and make sure it's recorded so that you can share with us, your fans!🎸🎼🎵🎶❤

Beverly Williams Metts 1 year ago

For my tickets (thank you Cindy) I will be bringing my 16 yo granddaughter.... her 1st concert! She is so excited!

Brenda Hill 1 year ago

Miss you. Will you be coming to the Houston rodeo in 2021??

Cynthia L. Smith 1 year ago

Sounds like a great time!!! Just got back,to Indiana, from Pigeon Forge this week. Can’t take another vacation until next year. Hopefully your tour schedule will be back to normal by then. I do hope you come to Indiana for a concert. Take care Chris!!! Sending hugs to Porter!!!😊❤️🎶

Holly Duncan 1 year ago

I missed seeing you in June and would love to attend the Georgia show - but I’m in Oregon - that’d be a spendy show to get to - come closer and you have a deal - I’ll be there

DM Dee 1 year ago

Miss you guys too but GA is a bit too far. Can't wait for you come up to New England.

Carol Lynn Ehlke 1 year ago

I SO want to go! I hope you do I a little longer set for this long awaited show!

Carolyn Allsopp 1 year ago

Wish I could be there uk in locked down so chance have a great show. Please post some footage stay safe cx