Most Worship God with Associating Partners with Him - Dr Zakir Naik

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Most Worship God with Associating Partners with Him - Dr Zakir Naik


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Posted 11 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Samiul Mahi 11 months ago

Zakir sir,I need your help.I have lost my father.I have my mother and little sister.Now I am suffering from a dangerous mental deaseas.I feel too much unhappy and as a result I want to commit suicide😢😢😢 and I am very afraid of Jahannam😰.I want to live sir😢😢😢.I have a tension also.Please help me sir😢😢😢

Mominul Hasan Ghazi 11 months ago

There have so many people who follow you from Bangladesh. Therefore, please make your video in bengali for us. We always loved your channel Peace tv. After it shut down, we really miss you so much. But by the grace of Allah, you are back by the social media. I love you, sir.

Lovely Oyin Oyin 11 months ago

Indeed. Allah is One, without any images nor patners.
Thanks my Imam Dr. Zakir Naik for always quoting the Holy Quran Correctly.
Baraka Jumah( Happy Friday).
& Jazak Allahu Kairan( Allah bless you...)😀

Ravi Shankar 11 months ago

Allah is not pleased with the sacrifice of innocent animals
The one who chews and chews
There should be no change in Sai's court.
A person who cuts the throat of an organism will have to get his throat cut later. The result of doing it is definitely found in the court of God.

Md Nasim 11 months ago

statue and sculpture(Bongobondhu sculpture ) anyone permissible in islam?
Now it's a very big problem in Bangladesh.
Please give my answer??

Shraddha Rathi 11 months ago

Muslims claim that those who wish idols are Kafirs but they don't know that meat eaters are Kafirs too. Must Listen spiritual discourse of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj
For more information visit Satlok Ashram YouTube channel

Kajal Verma 11 months ago

Allah prohibits eating meat
मांस खाना हराम
नबी मुहम्मद नमस्कार है, राम रसूल कहाया, 1लाख 80 को सौगंध जिन नहीं करद चलाया।
अरस कुरस पर अल्लह तख्त है खालिक बिन नहीं खाली,
वे पैगंबर पाक़ पुरुष थे, साहिब के अब्दाली।।
गरीबदासजी बताते हैं कि नबी मुहम्मद जी परमात्मा की बहुत नेक आत्मा थी। उन्होंने कभी मांस नहीं खाया, न अपने 1,80,000 शिष्यों को खाने को कहा।

Rayan Kabbash 11 months ago

السلام عليكم
I have a question
It’s mentioned that Mary is the sister of Aron in Surat Maryam
Thank you

Dassie Parmatma Ki 11 months ago

Muslims say that the soul of the goat directly lands on heaven because they read the prayer while slaughtering the animal. If that is the case and you presume it to be true, then the turn of these animals won't ever come. People would have got themselves slaughtered if it was this easy to land on heaven!

Consuming flesh, be it in the name of God or religion is a sinful act.

Nabi Muhammad namaskarhai,
Ram rasool kahaya.
Ek lakh assi ko saugandh,
Jinhone nahi karad chlaya!

Raja Imy 11 months ago

Aslaam o Alaikum Respected Dr. Zakir Naik I got a question which I been ask by many of my friends.
Excepting Israel in Islam ❗ what does Islaam says ⁉️