Father and son fighting halibuts with some good music!

Nordic Sea Angling • 5 years ago   206     22  •  8.3K Views
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There is nothing better then fighting two halibuts at the same time with some good music.
Father Oskar Lannerhjelm and his son Albin having a blast at...

Bosse Teuchler
Bosse Teuchler5 years ago

Ni kör samma taktik som vi gjorde i väran båt! Musik på hög volym😂😂😂

Per Dahlgren
Per Dahlgren5 years ago

Jacob Dahlgren ! Ljuva minnen 😎

Espen Ryum
Espen Ryum5 years ago

Lasse Hanssen faans sjukt, deg om 12 dager!

Lars Segerheden
Lars Segerheden5 years ago

Bara stort i Å

Michael Aho
Michael Aho5 years ago

Härligt 👑👍👍