funny birthday wishes

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Lol.... #funny #birthday #wishes for your friends :D :p :) ♥

Posted 5 years ago in TV & Movies

Sally Hirst 10 months ago

Happy birthday Judy from and old friend in lac du bonnet

Sally Hirst 10 months ago

Happy birthday to an old friend from lac du bonnet

Monika Boston 6 months ago

Happy Birthday to my friend Bev

Megan Gait 5 months ago

Happy 50th birthday Louise. You don't look a day older than you did when we first met . have a great party xxxxx

Ed Jones 9 months ago

Happy Birthday Dear.

Althea Baxa 4 months ago

Jess Lela ❤❤love you❤💚

Lucy Pasamanero 4 months ago

Annie Robles 7 months ago

Happy birthday Molly Lopez