Terry Fontenot on evaluating quarterbacks

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Preparing for the future at QB.

Terry Fontenot talked about evaluating quarterbacks in the NFL Draft.

Posted 6 months ago in Sports

Rod Williams 6 months ago

So excited about Matt Ryan? Why? We have been under .500 for the last 3 years and won 4 games last year, with him under center. We are the bottom of the league in scoring in the redzone. What is there to be excited about?

Lewis Gamble 6 months ago

Please Draft Trey Lance.... He’s going to be a beast !!!

Mitch CR 6 months ago


Andrew Brinkley 6 months ago

Terry trade Matt Ryan to Denver for heir 2021 2nd and 4th round picks and QB Drew Lock. Lock is a good QB! Also a 2022 1st from Denver. Then trade the 4th pick to Dallas for the 10th a 2022 1st and 2024 1st

Chris Herron 6 months ago

This has got to be all smoke and mirrors to get a team to trade-up, no way are we taking a QB.

Michael Fausett 6 months ago

I agree I don’t see fields getting passed the jets which sucks because he will already be set up for failure so it’ll be hard to judge I’m not high on that Wilson dude either just because he didn’t really play against tough defenses

Dave Wilson 6 months ago

It’s spelled PREPARING. Doesn’t anyone proofread these days?

Michael Fausett 6 months ago

If lance isn’t available at 4 trade back collect picks and snag mond in round 3 or 4

Gavin Simon 6 months ago

He’s had less than 300 pass attempts, he played trash competition. Physically impressive, but too many questions.

James Moreland 6 months ago

Man send Matt Ryan to the Peach State Cats Arena football team. Our colors are red black and white. Season start May 8th at Cummings fairgrounds Arena.