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Tiger Woods talks to the media before teeing it up at Riviera for the Genesis Open.
Victory in the La open uh very groundbreaking victory um it's also the tenth year of the uh exemption at the tournament um if you could just tell us the significance of charlie's victory and also uh the importance of honoring the legacy of the exemption well you know it meant meant a lot to to all of us who um are participating the game war um non White to have charlie have had to success you had uh to him have him go through the struggles he went through it and when here is such a historic And against some of the best players that uh that ever lived was uh something that was very special if it wasn't for for charlie and and all those who paid the way I don't think my dad would have ever played the game of golf and hence uh I probably wouldn't be here doing this press conference and I've been involved in the game like I am so I all you know a lot to charlie I was called in my my grandfather never had um so in for us too to honor charlie and what he's done and what he's meant to the game of golf and to do it here at this event at the genesis open is special for all of us and uh Um well accomplished player and something that I think that charlie would be very proud to have him uh receive the exemption of the genesis open of course um benefits you will teach you all find a tion uh it's been rapidly expanding its reach um can you just talk about the foundation and what's maybe you with it yeah the uh the foundation has grown uh so much the last few years with our our new digital platforms and what we've been able to create so our reaches gone from hundreds of thousands to now just under a million stirred and so we're gonna be Into the midlands here probably within the next couple of years so we're excited about that uh we're excited about what we've done with the woman project and to be able to do something like that here in southern California uh where I grew up uh we are have a learning lab uh in North County so to be able to expand on something like that and to create more of an opportunity for kids to experience stem um it's something that we're very proud of and we're very proud of what we've done for over 20 years now it's fantastic news Now we'll take some questions if you have a question raise your hand and we'll get you a microphone and start right in the front here yeah tiger jam Hill Cbs sports and calling in get a good to see you again I'd like you to talk about the relationship with your father and how he helped you to be one of giving back to the community like you are and also what does a day like this mean to you as well as the people that you play with well you know I think that dad was uh and a natural Teacher you know when When things are So when when one pops went into uh special forces I mean what what he did as a greenbrier is is all about teaching um there's force multiplier so that was something that is innate in him and he just always enjoyed teaching and mentoring others and that's something I've been joined as well and I I think I've got a lot of that from him uh from how he operated and um You know with with people and you know I think that's one of the reasons why that uh our success of the foundation we will be had you know over 20 plus years now it has been what it is uh it's through you know his guidance early on and then as a loud myself and the rest of our staff to expand because of um our fundamental teachings that he instilled in all of us and then from from that today's round was was lot of fun for all of us he was a little on the cool side you know uh a little bit cold But we got it in before the rain hits so uh it was nice to play all the eighteen holes with uh everyone in the group and I think they enjoyed it and this golf course is an impeccable shape right now and the greens are there seeing this quick um I know the rain is not slowing down but come the weekend I'm sure they will be back up to speed again sticking from we'll I got I think and quick back was your biggest fan out there this morning but could you talk about jake and the couple of times you've met with him just what strikes you about him well I think that if you just look at what he's been able to accomplish uh the fearless that he just attacks life with and it doesn't view himself any different than any of us and in the he's able to overcome um You know what I'm the play it I mean honestly to play a physical sport like that and not be able to see is just it's it's inspiring and uh quebec is not easy saw it you know I'm I love animals and uh uh he was able to give a nice little kiss or this that tiger your history review our maybe isn't as great as other courses but I'm wondering you said you really enjoy the golf course he likely outfits here I am wondering where you think riviera fits architecturally among the courses that you guys play on the early yeah it's you know we wish we could play with more venues that are classic And simple like this I mean there's nothing really you know it just don't secret to this golf course it just right in front of you but it's hard uh the the greens are accept nor for um everything slowed from back to front and we all know that don't go past the hole but when you do there's a price to pay and uh over the years they've they've like this golf course quite a bit uh we were joking today you know coming down 12 remember to just hitting a one iron wedge down there and you know Was driver cut 600 and so it it has gotten a little bit different uh but we wish we could play more biggest like this that are are so simple and straightforward but that's what makes it just a classic off course this why uh lifting so many great champions here uh you have to hit the golf ball well and uh it I'm not sure this week will be no different and they will in the front tiger I wonder if you've made any decisions about your upcoming schedule specifically as it pertains to next week You know I'm playing next week um beyond that I have a really decide on you know what I'm gonna be doing um I made the decision yesterday to add and Mexico to my schedule and obviously the floor swing gets very complicated and so uh I'm leaving it open ended right now to try to figure that out um but I am looking forward to the challenges of this weekend next week is a high tiger rory carroll with reuters and there were press reports recently that you at were invited to the sadie international a tournament but turned it down just wondering are those accurate and you know what your reasoning was for declining if that's the case you know I have Played a lot overseas and um I turn the the opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia down last summer so it was uh well before anything that transpired and so I just think that it was um uh travelling it you know I I'm trying to keep the traveling down to a minimum and uh just focused on in our tour I got stuck in a row yesterday said he gotta really nice text me text message to me last week what is it you like about player rory which I again please post today's yeah I've I've always enjoyed playing with rory survey he great kid and um unbelievable parents and we've gotten you know close over the years and um Uh I've I've always enjoyed watching a play how he's developed and you know the model of the pharmacies one in the majors and uh the margins he's one um he's still he's still learning and developing um you know there's so many more wins I haven't but I've enjoyed you know being a part of um watching him mature a lot on the tour and uh getting all you know a lot close are my Um tiger last year uh last year here we go uh you were just getting your feet again and the game and uh this year obviously you're in very different conditions and you talk about that and talk about your confidence factor going on this week yeah last year this time I just hadn't completed and basically 11 tour event um I had played in the hero world challenge and I'm just trying to figure out whether or not I can make it to Florida and so I'm gonna And very different position now having played an entire season and I know what my body can and cannot do and so I'm looking forward to uh to this week hopefully I can finally play this golf course well you know it's been been a while I had an opportunity I believe against ernie was a baby two thousand somewhere in there where I was one back with one to go and I put it over there in the some beer tent to the right uh so hopefully I can do better this year one of the front Duncan I high tech a um I know that this week you met or would scholar alone grace Lee I just want to know uh what is it like to meet students from your foundation as they pursue their careers well it would look what an opportunity that He to be able to create opportunities for a person like grace and all there was scholarship were trying to do and we look at her history and she's an immigrant our families uh immigrants um she went through our our programs there at the learning lab and I'm she is a going to Nasa and work at Nasa and you know creating the algorithm algorithms that landed the rovers on mars I mean that's astonishing and now she she said you know how about that I'm just gonna create something music and comes to see so I just am amazed at some of the talent and that's just the amount of of of gifts some of these kids have but it's up to us and all of us to create opportunities for them and having events like this or are there things that we need to do to create these opportunities for personal a grayson and many others don't get in the back get I got duncan became a cocky from Australia were very excited about the presidents Cup coming to Melbourne in December you recently applied with one of the president's President donald trump now he said you play gripe what I wanna know is how did he play what product Times doing well part to be sky he's doing badly because apparently being playing a little golf for the last two years one of make sure Tom will spin I'm standing here you you know I've uh I played with a President Obama the week before San Diego and I played with you know President trump last week so um I've had uh build opportunity to play with a couple of presidents and a few weeks and enjoy both days uh President trump has been very busy up in dc has been playing a lot of golf um hasn't had that and that um the plane playing you know the outside and he's been working so we had a great time to be able to play I mean I hadn't played with Jack in a very long time and have um his son Steve and who I've gotten to know very well because it's his daughter and my daughter planted same Middle school soccer team um to play with him and and our President I played well that day I shot 64 um so I enjoy the way I played and to build a to play with Jack and to to watch Some of the parts of Jack made um it was pretty cool um so it was it was a great day to build players our President and play with uh one of my idols that um uh help inspire me to play the game go to ban you can hand that across still got have you might alright you already yesterday that feels victory is another thing that continues to inspire you because it is in what you may or may not be able to achieve in the next sort of eight to 10 years yourself isn't something you talk to that and hell he's proof that A long time yet for you to get a lot done yeah I think that what would feel has has done has been extraordinary to be that consistent for that length of time you know he's been out here since 94 and he's made every single team since 94 um he's one major championships he's won one events uh he's just been so consistent and that's the hardest thing to do is each um each and everyone of us has a talented to have a little hot runs out here uh but to sustain it for over two decades like he has Um and for him to trust me I I I recognize this it's not easy to pick up club head speed which he has done as he's gotten older um that's been extraordinary that such what's allowed him to to stay out here with with some of these longer guys he's going to hit the ball further and that's something that uh he's done he's adjusted as putting he's been more putts and I think I've seen him in years and the last year and a half and uh one of the reasons why he's one went to big event and that pushes you as it always has I'm guessing as well it has always always you know pushed Uh I remember talking all of Jack about this is that when the any time they saw each other on the board and they would say you know or they're playing a what see at you know what's he had and that my entire career in and fill probably tested this is that we've always looked at the board and trying to figure out where won others at and so we've always had uh that type of of the enjoyment of competing against one another and to see what he's done uh rc what he did last year and Mexico um at 47 years old you know gave me confidence that I could somehow do it you know baby Maybe last year and I was able to finally you know call my my season with the wind just like he did in early in the year that we have talked to us three more will take one in the back of first tiger back here mario nbc La um your history here at the River is well documented how do you approach this course every time you play and what is your relationship with is it a love hate is a bit of frustration how obsessed are you with the win here it is certainly a love hate relationship I love playing this Of course I've always have enjoyed playing up here when I was I was young with with my dad For some reason it's heavily played well here one time in the tournament um It's just one of those courses that as I said you have to hit the golf ball well and uh there's no fake in around this golf course and especially if the greens are up to speed like they are right now um it's put such a premium on on putting the golf ball in play and hitting the ball high gotta hit the ball high and it is greens and and really control your spending and put the ball in the right spots because getting up and down here as we all seem peculiar grass is not easy to do it's sticky um catches a lot and now with it went some of the bump and runs are actually her skipping so that makes uh and added a little challenge Take two more go chance for that behind him just following up on that and your record here you have some really good scores um some some bad luck of the draw years probably too um but a lot of players now are looking at stats and how they play certain courses or even looking round around how holes are playing are you are you picking up on that that trend much do you get into numbers either you how you play the course or how it field is performing you know I played with a guy who's in the numbers yesterday and That's not Fred uh so you know um I'm I'm not like that you know uh I I certainly look at how uh in afternoon sessions I'd like to look at the morning wave is doing on on certain holes and see what the With the law the you know the lower round but what the top 10 to 12 rounds are and by the time I start off in the afternoon uh most guys are done between between seven to 13 14 holes and I like to get out of kind of feel how it's playing an sometimes when he get uh like for instance if you get a day like today I don't think this court would have been very low um because I don't think that he was expecting a Green spin this quick and so I that no take a look at that and understanding that when I go on on the course and my afternoon session um I have been honored What some of the tricks that um or some of the things that might I'm able to take advantage of and also where I need to play defense and so that I think that's that's very important and that because of technologies uh you know looking at my phone and the we'll look at those scores before I go and in my warmup process um it's been a big help early in my career we didn't have that we look at the board and see what the guys are doing and a lot of times I wasn't updated From ball tiger what what did you work on the last two weeks in story and and uh has it been intense or are you more just sort of kind of easing your way into this event how would you characterize that well I I I made 11 little adjustment day I put a new three wouldn't since I've um last plate uh but other than um just been working on trying to get uh trying to get that club out in front of me at that ball higher um I've He's been pretty good at taking spin off but I'm trying to get the ball up for this week and try to hit the ball high um I knew that I was gonna be the one of the things that I needed to do and also getting ready uh if I was gonna play Mexico it was gonna be two weeks of trying to get that ball up um because obviously they said altitude uh next week in the ball doesn't doesn't spend a lot so be able to to send that ball up in the air and and have a have a pretty soft and it lands is um I thought And up so good about that I feel good of that last round add San Diego put a few things together and was able to find to make a few points which was nice alright thank you target we appreciate on if everyone would stay seated uh I'd like to introduce Mike antonia tournament director for a special announcement some invited guests you guys come on this is Paul thank you goodbye welcome thank you uh thank you all for joining us today as we ready for tomorrow's start of the 20 19 genesis open we'd like to take this take this opportunity to look forward and talk about some Changes that are in store for our tournament beginning next year uh joining tiger on stage is pga tour Commissioner jay monaghan and the executive vice President and global head of the genesis brand manfred fitzgerald when you're also joining us up here up front I'd like to recognize the executive vice chairman of the hyundai motor group you send young the chief operating officer of genesis motor America urban raphael the President and ceo of t gr foundation Rick singer and the executive vice Of the riviera country club megan wants to not be now I'm pleased to turn it over to pga tour Commissioner J mani and jay thank you Mike and uh good morning good afternoon everyone it's wonderful to be here with you today um wanna reflect and and add to the thank yous for our great partners up in the front row and say it's a great honor to be up here with tiger Woods and manfred for a special announcement I think everyone in this room is well aware of the fact that we have a long and storied history here in Los Angeles and I riviera country club a history that goes back to 19 26 been playing here Since 19 73 and along the way we've had some pretty unbelievable champions and some pretty unbelievable moments one of which was in 19 92 when a 16 year old amateur local tiger Woods came in played in his first pga tour event at riviera country club and he is a very ambitious guy but I think he would probably be the first to admit back then that he did not envision one day the first event he played in the pga tour is an event he would one day host but that's where we are 27 years later and that's pretty special and pretty remarkable So as we as we look forward uh and as we have as we have continued to find ways to elevate and modernize this tournament we had a really important development in two thousand 17 and I was the year the tiger uh stepped in to host this tournament the t gr foundation managing and operating this event making a huge commitment to Los Angeles and at the same time we had leadership and the great people of genesis step forward make a longterm commitment to this event And since day one uh we've challenged each other to find ways to continue to elevate the event uh and that's why we're here today uh excited to announce that next year in two thousand 20 uh this event will become an invitational it will be a hundred and 20 percent player field it will have the same exemption status as the arnold palmer invitational presented by master card in the memorial tournament presented by nationwide a three year winners exemption uh the Move to nine point three million dollars and I think most importantly uh it's gonna give us a week and an opportunity every single year to reflect upon this man staggering accomplishments on the golf course and his staggering philanthropic contributions something that uh we're excited to tell the world uh for a long time to come and uh this is a great day for for everybody involved I wanna just say thank you to man for the leadership team at genesis obviously to tiger for his passion uh for this event And I think it's a special moment in time when you think about a man that's one eighty times and the pga tour having an event that he hosts being elevated into the same realm as both two of his to golf icons and two of his uh his legends and mentors arnold palmer and Jack nicklaus so tiger congratulations really proud of you really happy for you on this day thank you Thank you jen incredibly exciting for all of us involved in the tournament and now I'd like to turn over the man Fred who is speaking here on behalf of genesis it's already having a pretty good start of the year with various card get your awards that G seven it yes thank you Mike and and thank you jay um yes it's uh definitely um a good great start of the year coming off the back of uh winning the North American car of the year award um and with this announcement I mean frankly speaking as jay was saying this is a historic moment uh but not only for the story tournament but also for For the genesis brand um we feel this as uh we're not only honored but we feel very privileged and deeply humbled by having presented this opportunity of elevating this tournament an invitational and partnering with what tiger one of the icons not only in I think he transcends the sport and uh partnering together with him and with the to our foundation and the tour uh makes us very very proud of where young Grand as you know um but we are taking a strides and we have common values Which we share uh with tiger uh a lot of respect um we are very focused the we know we believe that we know where we're going so uh this is this is something which which definitely combines us and that's how come it is such a natural fit for us but all that said uh this all would not be possible and would not happen without the commitment and the dedication of our executive vice chairman John what who I know is it is a great friend of tiger so uh that was uh a very easy sell um and For us it is a remarkable event up to now uh this is our third year and one thing we can promise that we will relentlessly strive to make this tournament the best tournament on the tour and uh that's a good we don't call ourselves a sponsor but it true partner here with the tour and what the teacher are foundation so we want to make this a very exceptional event so thank you so much thank you thank you so Thank you man prett in finally tiger we'd love to hear from you and what this means along where we're honored to to be included in uh this category and to be able to have an opportunity with um with genesis to be able to do something like this and then to do it here where I grew up in to do to here where my entire career got started um that's uh I couldn't ask for more of a sim biotic um outcome and we're just so excited about this this on To showcase you know what we've done as a foundation for over 20 years and this elevation status will certainly help that it is gonna help um so many more kids lives and then were able to do that you know with the with the tournament like this and the bill of play with uh the vice chairman today we had a great time today and this partnership is only getting started so we're excited jake thank you so much for making this opportunity to happen and uh to be able to do it here you know in so It doesn't get any better than that all right thanks very much tiger J medford and now uh we'll open up for some questions from the Web some yup You motion about the car you said you know what you are going we caution is to our system are you having plan for sustainable energy yes we do um this is actually at the at the heart of of rn at the Center of this brand genesis um we're true believer that the whole automotive industry is going in that direction so electric vehicles and an alternate approach and is definitely on a on the agenda we already announced that in the beginning of 20 21 20 20 we will come with our first dedicated electric vehicles to the market so uh That would you see right now as I said before is only the beginning all right Jeff um pushing for J and one for tiger J uh this is an open event historically for a long time how does this new uh field size and form and change that and tiger um any Grand plans for for the tournament now they have the longterm commitment here from genesis and yourself well obviously going from one 44 to one 20 changes the eligibility requirements and we'll get you all the specific details of that um but you know this ultimately Jeff this is about elevating this event into an invitational um in a Position on our schedule so this is a a great and positive move forward for the event and you're gonna with fewer players playing here it becomes all the more desirable and harder to get into and I think that adds to you know everything that our host brings to the events everything that genesis brings to the event um this is this has always been has always this event has always been a special place in our schedule I think we're just taking a really positive step forward You know as far as looking forward to creating other opportunities going forward to you know what I think we did that on Monday uh with our celebrity Cup uh we're trying to create an uh new and different events with um with the are live and this elevation status we're all gonna is jay said it's you know one 20 so it's trying to get trying to get into the it's gonna be uh a little bit more difficult and you're gonna have more players Uh some of the top world's top players playing cuz it will ranking points and you know that that three year exemption it is is a big deal uh that extra year it it makes for an opportunity for someone to uh to have a little longer future and an to go alongside with jacket are old um I've been lucky enough to have one of those two events and uh for me I it's been so special to be able to walk off those greens and to see those two gentlemen there and to be able to have this event in that same breath as Guys I looked up to you know my entire playing career uh it's just very special Jay if another sponsor or tournament came to you and said I'd like to see a way to elevate our event to this kind of status what criteria would you outline for them to be able to do that it's very simple uh all you need to do as a player how still win 60 times under pga tour so um and you can find someone that can do that were open to the conversation um but in all seriousness that is the criteria that got us to this position and that's what makes So special for tiger for Los Angeles for genesis and for the tour and uh if there's it comes a day were someone else wins 60 events uh I guess that's a conversation we'll have but uh sitting at eighty two eighty two he's in a pretty remarkable position and what that will uh will close pretty quick and I said yeah I just um I just wanna say that I got into this business the tournament business with the deutsche Bank Championship and work for the tiger Foundation back in two thousand and two had an opportunity yesterday to go down to the t gr learning lab and Anaheim California and to be able to see that facility close to 15 years after it was conceived in to know of the number of young people that have gone through that facility been influenced manipulated gone on to College are doing wonderful things to know of the mentors around the country that are mentoring those young people to know the teachers Coming in and being taught how to apply stem research and technology so 36000 square foot facility that has been that is truly remarkable and this man's golfing career is is well documented and it's got a long way to go but I think one of the things that I and we are most excited about is as he said to continue to influence more young people positively and take the great work that's been done by the t gr foundation and accelerated as Forward but I would invite you to find any other athlete on this planet that has done more for young people than tiger Woods thank you okay

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