Stale bread = the perfect crunchy chicken 🤯

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Turn your stale bread into the perfect crunchy chicken with this genius recipe.

Posted 8 months ago in Food & Drink

Tastemade 8 months ago

Crouton Crusted Chicken Caesar Salad:

Dragana Kulaš 8 months ago

Try it with cornflakes and sesame added to bread crumbs 👌

Kim La 8 months ago

That bread wasn't stale. It was soft as a pillow😂

Cye McKean 8 months ago

So basically a new rendition of a Caesar salad with chicken.

Raegan Robinson Vanderput 8 months ago

Season the chicken,it will taste better

Barb Del Sordi 8 months ago

Who mixes salad with their hands. 🤮

Αλεξάνδρα Λώλου 8 months ago

Raw eggs in dressing?? Could avoid that...

Mikkel Pofler 8 months ago

Can u turn bread to chiken show me plz

Rita Henrichs 8 months ago

You lost me at anchovies

Yar SEn 2 months ago

Bland chicken breast with no seasoning 🤦🏼‍♂️😔