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Eminem Freestyle in Car (1999)
Yeah I started at to know my name is save his name is prove girl yo we used to have a roof from my House and now we have a master date these out of the fridge didn't wanna witness to that was on welfare when I was three plus when I was four the mother used believes used to always saying the door say good bye bye Marshall I'm leaving I'm single right now I'm going to move a bingo yeah see you later alligators what she says when I was always thinking House freezing some big cold inside the House we never had to week your cue to come walking up right up the Street like yo what up them are you doing I used to be like man it's good to see you doing for my life boy mom just left to say that's my brother nake and I hate the fact that we never had food on a plate so they improve said what up in yeah so I said cool stuff to come in yeah me fuck that is trash bar robin karen cause yeah fuck company go him ha ha I feel like making up they don't wanna see me cuz I'm here with you and I'm thrilled and always keep it there when I build my garage back at the just got burned down story that my parents were always abound when it was really hectic will win up and down blowing up with no matter everything what do one more week so went up to the cross trucking truck is what can say that on Tv that's amazing little little creepy me we used to always be on in see me now you can see here I know you remember that ride a wait a minute yo second I'm about to flat line Mike go yeah I can follow battle rap you guys next time we got a line you like that when you go like about back down like a battle like I gotta rack classiness massey cadillac cadillac set up and driving when I five and you can see me cuz I'm five minutes surviving energy every single day in Detroit rapid gonna step to me they said it gets to the point is they don't understand the way that I do with the foot with that I'll be speaking this never been cuz I'm marley for me the goal you make crash like a snare pop were fresh not like practice like okay God got your necklace is my address this is my address suppose Street corners resident yo that presidents is I'm resurrected gotta say what's up to desc mi avail be shows they don't help me doing a name they never did when I was the clever kids moment always used to go to school and climbing your back baseball diamond hold up her toyota car Florida yeah we're doing it in a few minutes to go to you in the new where we truly don't mean to be rude but yo what's up dude do I am doing the doing me and they tell me no this week just dine it's crazy dog fuck don't touch that down here okay right there in your worst nightmare White diapers on my hair yeah that was this big and I'm still bigger but I'm feeling like a twig any little White boy well we're not by like noise spiked punch of life hey yo what everybody look fuck the bottle from the bottom trust the party bus the bottom of the a train your thoughts to buy custom auto got this calling that God who put him and all the whack and see step into me you say choose just remember that I hate when your can't stand you yeah bye bye good bye good night bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

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