Evisen's "Working Holiday" Video

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Evisen takes their quick-footed phenoms down to Oz for some fast lines and huge hucks courtesy of the little man Kotora. Trip out on their vision.

Posted 8 months ago in Sports

Mitch Anne Controlle 8 months ago

3:45 short man shit

Jake Huntley 8 months ago

Jessica Davis Melbourne is on my mind

Santiago Vargas Rodriguez 8 months ago


Eldon Bricknell 8 months ago

These men are good. They should film themselves

Eldon Bricknell 8 months ago

These skateboards are everywhere

Valdimar GarĂ°ar GuĂ°mundsson 7 months ago

Sep! This kid mayne, thanks.

Massimiliano Mameli 8 months ago

I love the manual pad c block. Open to quite a few tech combo options

Jacob Vargo 8 months ago

Jonathan Daly Sam Daly this has so many wtf’s

Robe Ramossantana 4 months ago


Rodrigo CalabrĂȘs Tutini 8 months ago

curti as musicas tbm!