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Get ready for the sun, the sand and the sabotage! Siesta Key is back Tuesday, June 16 at 8/7c on MTV!
Obsessed Obsessed cuz it's it's so so fresh fresh. fresh. Siesta Siesta Siesta Siesta Key Key. Key Key is is is the the the the getaway you you need need right right now. now. now. There's There's There's There's so so so so many. many many many questions questions questions questions. dish. dish. dish. It It It are you gonna have some some laughs laughs tonight tonight tonight maybe maybe maybe get get. get away away to to the the the Sun, The surf surf and and the the the sabotage sabotage sabotage watch watch Watch Watch yourself. yourself. yourself yourself yourself because in Siesta Key it it literally literally gets gets away away with with with anything. anything anything Everyone Everyone Everyone lies lies. lies your best girlfriend I could could ever ever ask ask for for in in in the the the Sun Sun Sun Sun your. your your your boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend several several. several several times. times. times. Oh have the tables have have turned turned turned s s s Toki Toki Toki returns returns returns Tuesday, Tuesday. Tuesday, June June sixteenth sixteenth at at eight eight on. on MTV.

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