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That’s the sound of a new episode of Destination Fear dropping on #discoveryplus. 😜

Watch “Greene County Almshouse” live tonight or stream it now:...

Posted 2 months ago in TV & Movies

Brandon Muhaw 2 months ago

Can’t wait to watch! New episodes are like tradition in this house

Kaz Hawkins 2 months ago

These guys get better and better xx

Carina Van Antwerpen 2 months ago

Me when the front door opens by its self

Eldorado Bobby 2 months ago

So much better then ghost adventures

Jo King 2 months ago

I have and it was so cool👻👻👻😄

Linda Cross 2 months ago

Best paranormal show on tv❤

Jo King 2 months ago

Love it all in different places and no torches 👻👻👻👻👍😀♥️

Brandy Peltier 2 months ago

No we can't hear anything bc the background music drowns out the whole show. Ridiculous!

Lorrie Edens 2 months ago

Just make Chelsea stop screaming!

James Jones 2 months ago

Show number 5 and yet another strike. Just a terrible season full of no scares.