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"Potato cam, car club cruise out near Dayboro today, not sure what old mate was into."

-Thanks to Dan...

Kris Walters
Kris Walters5 years ago

Did you get his plate mate if he was an elderly man asleep he needs his license reviewed before he kills someone all in all good eye mate

Marion Petersen
Marion Petersen5 years ago

Great defensive driving......think I would have needed new undies!

Steve Steward
Steve Steward5 years ago

Needs a speed camera installed there urgently.
Would have stopped that for sure..

Shanzo James
Shanzo James5 years ago

For all you people criticising! You obviously don't know how hard it is to catch a pokemon while driving. Do some research before you get angry!

Mike Meerding
Mike Meerding5 years ago

This sort of mishap just can't happen on a one way street or a divided carriageway. I deliberately drive the B roads rather than a busy highway so it reduces the possibility of a head on with oncoming traffic.

Matt Nev
Matt Nev5 years ago

Dam hoon cars with all there illegal modifications that improve handling.

Daniel-Stalker5 years ago

He was asleep I was in the car behind the Dash Cam...

CJ Ahrens
CJ Ahrens5 years ago

My husband and I deal with this a lot when we take our Chevrolet out..... While in this instance the driver of the black car has stated that it was an elderly gentleman who appears to have fallen asleep, usually for us it is idiots driving in the lane next to us, videoing or taking photos of our car while they DRIVE and swerve into our lane and nearly take out our $80k restored car 馃槩

Scott McGibbon
Scott McGibbon5 years ago

Playing Pokemon Go......

Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson5 years ago

dodged a bullet