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Naughty boy gets stuck between narrow walls

We reported last week on a boy who got this head stuck in a plastic water pipe and had to be rescued by local firefighters. Apparently, that naughty kid was not a one-off. A 6-year- old boy found himself well and truly trapped between a pair of narrow walls for around one hour in Shaoyang city, Hunan Province on Saturday.

The young boy got his head tightly stuck. The boy was in a very dangerous situation and he was completely unable to move, seemingly paralyzed by shock. Local firefighters were faced with a very difficult task upon arriving at the scene, and had to rescue the boy as soon as possible because his life was in danger. The rescuers used a drill to bash a hole into the wall far away from his head. Finally the boy was successfully saved and is now recovering at home after being given the all-clear by a local hospital.

Posted 3 years ago in NEWS