6 Feet PIZZA by Daddy Arumugam

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KING of PIZZA 6 feet length

Posted 12 months ago in Food & Drink

Ramkumar Govindarajan 12 months ago

Its a home made pizza guys just enjoy it😀

Manjupallavi Manju 12 months ago

Super brothers and taaaata . It's a very easy to coking . Ashirvada powder heldi to pizzazz . Very good recipe

Vickneshvary Murugan 6 months ago

Different style and different ingredients also healthiest pizza awesome. I will try using this flour now. Really yummy

Anita Rajashekar Karishetti 6 months ago

If you heat layer by layer applying butter ghee or paneer with vegetables is okay if wet wheat powder is not well cooked not good for health

Sundarraj 7 months ago

Very very super your food making of new style pizza keep it up brother

Sonaleeka Sona 12 months ago

He made healthy and delicious pizza... It's very good for health . Those who are seeing this video people have to understand this is not junk food .good job

Arun V Abraham 7 months ago

Appreciate your effort to make this happen. Your other videos are good enough. So please follow the standards of preparing food. Millions of viwers watching it, try to follow mise en place properly. Cherry tomatoes used in pizza. Seems like pizza base didn't cool well bcz the base is so thick . Try to make the food hygenic, its not that good to use your fingers making holes in pizza base.
No one will try ever from Aashirwaad Atta after seeing this video.

Mohd Yaseen 11 months ago

I saw many video but he say oil painting onion pa tomata he won't say how much oil add nor onion tomato etc an soooo chitappa...... Playing role

Roja Adilkhan 10 months ago

Everything good but using both hands for spreding looks awkward

Shn Dmn 12 months ago

Love the way he smiles n eats at the end <3