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WATCH: Triggered with Donald Trump Jr, Michael Waddell, and Willie Robertson! #Triggered

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How many police officers need to be assaulted in the streets of Portland by radical left Moms in order for Joe Biden to condemn this, I don't understand how we have leaders who think that it's okay to tell us as parents that our kids can go and get an abortion without our consent yet we have no right to keep them home from school. It's just it's it's completely hypocritical. I can't believe that he's calling these folks He's from protesters. Well, I think Joe Biden is totally on the wrong page on. And he's completely out of step with where American women are when they talk about how to protect their families. We are one people one. And one glorious nation under God. We will make America great again. Welcome. To team Trump. Obama up There's no magic wand for that Donald you can't just make it happen well, Abracadabra buddy. They were obviously triggered is clearly on a teleprompter. This is why I wrote the book. Alright everyone. we're back We weren't scheduled for an episode of triggered this week, but I wanted to bring you something special because on Tuesday my father President Trump signed the Great American Outdoor Act. This is a poly see that's truly transformational in terms of funding preservation of the Great American outdoors, our parks and our wildlife refugees and from Fox News to the New York Times the legislation has been celebrated as landmark. It's a Land Conservation Act that hasn't been done. The Roosevelt at the turn of the twentieth century. No one 's done more to support and conserve the Great American outdoors since then, Donald J Trump. Now you won't often hear that this is obviously something that is near and dear to my heart as a fisherman as a Hunter as an outdoorsman as someone who really enjoys the great outdoors. so I'm Super excited the legislation that President Trump signed provides 900 million dollars a year in guaranteed funding for land and water conservation fund so that Continue to enjoy our parks and our wildlife refugees. It will also add billions of dollars for maintenance and backlogs projects and repairs and upgrades at our National parks so that you and your family your kids can get out into the wild. Check out the incredible beauty that is the United States of America. for all the talk about the environment past administrations has done so little to actually invest in America land. Parks and monuments and I think that Secretary Bernhardt of the Department of the Interior, said it best yesterday five presidents nine secretaries of the Interior 10 secretaries of agriculture have worked on legislation to accomplish fully funding the land and Water conservation fund or enhancing our National parks by addressing the backlog, only one President has gotten that done only one and that President is Donald J. Trump Now it's worth. That while this is a massive step for conservationists, it's not the President in his administration's first step. This was the one thing that I was involved at the end of 2016 and the transition I wanted to make sure that we preserve our great natural resources for ourselves to create access etcetera so before this year's hunting season, the Trump administration will have opened up and expanded hunting and fishing opportunities on more than four million acres of public land. In 2020 alone the administration will establish over 900 new hunting and fishing opportunities within federal lands. That means that you get to take your kids out into the great outdoors without access you're gonna take up something different. so it's just an incredible accomplishment. It's one of those things that no one 's gonna talk about because things that are environmentally good that the President does get totally neglected. You don't even talk about it but opening up. Acres of land for sportsmen and women to get out there and to enjoy is truly incredible and a monumental feat in Florida. President Trump has provided resources so that numerous programs and projects are on their way to restore conserve and enhance the vitality of the Everglades. That's all the coastal fisheries. the Everglades all of that beautiful. What they call you know the filter of the Atlantic. you know that filter that is the Everglades and the amazing areas that are there. A hundred million dollars to fight back the toxic, you know, blue Green algae and Red tide that has been so prevalent there and much more money to shore up the dam system so that they don't get flooded and overwhelmed that filter in the Great Lakes region that includes States like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and even New York President Trump has made significant progress combating the spread of invasive species, including Asian carp invasive muscles. Approximately point five million pounds of Asian carp has been removed from the Illinois River and in this year alone, Three million Lake trout and 250000 Lake Herring were Stockton, The Lake, Michigan and Lake Huron in total 370000 acres of habitat has been protected restored or enhanced in other words This administration is doing a lot for our great outdoors for our sports men and women so that they can enjoy their public lands. I've spent. Hours days weeks and even months traveling through America's great outdoors, I also maybe maybe the only alumni of the Wharton School of business, where my father went to business school who upon graduation and moved to Colorado to work in a bar and to hunt and fish and make sure I got some of that stuff out of my system in your early twenties cuz it's a little different to retire in your twenties and it is in your seventies right. so you know I did that I've spent time in these places I have enjoyed that sort of that great outdoor lifestyle. Is really a lifestyle for many Americans and myself included. It's not something I do to talk about it at a cocktail party. It's something I actually do with my life. It's actually the way I live my life and with the current pandemic and social distancing and business closures, I think many Americans are finding a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors for being outdoors for being in the Woods from being away from masses for being maybe self-sufficient, I know that for me many of the lessons I've learned and experiences I've had fishing hiking hunting. Shooting just sitting around the campfire with friends and family. It's all so worth fighting for and we should be proud to have a President who understands what's important and who's also willing to fight to get it done. so with that I wanna get off politics off the issues and instead celebrate America's great outdoors with two guests who've lived their life as true American outdoors man, You got Michael Waddell again The Bone Collector and you got Willie the command. Robertson here you know two guys that I've gotten to know ever since I got to come out of the closet as a New York City Hunter you know I've spent time with these guys. they really fight for the great outdoors some of the most accomplished outdoors man I know just great all around guys and that's what I was sort of saying you know for me, you know I may be from Fifth Avenue in New York City. Willie from Monroe, Louisiana, Michael from Booger bottom Georgia and. I never I can't get through that one without laughing Mike but it's okay and yet around the campfire, you know in hunting, camp or fishing camp all that's forgotten and everyone is the same. I mean you know, maybe we'll start with you. Willie like how'd you get into this. What is sort of the great American tradition. I mean for you as it relates to hunting in the great outdoors. Well, I was 100 percent born into this I didn't really have a choice so you were you're born with the beard beer. Go to when I was born and it didn't last four or five years old now I was born in this that was just an avid fisherman and a Hunter and pretty soon he was by the time I have all my childhood memories he was in the business. Actually it was a commercial fisherman mostly while he was trying to get this duck off the ground and then the more we saw duck calls the last we finish so then finally it was full time duck calls and now it's a pretty big operation. so yeah, I grab my whole life to it. Well, it's been an amazing thing. I've I've had the pleasure of going down there and and hunting with you in Louisiana and your family and one of the great compliments I've ever gotten in my life and you wouldn't know this cuz I don't know if I've told anyone was you know I shot with your brother Jace one morning and they sort of brought a couple of guys who were probably basically there to shoot my limit. You're able to do that you know, but you know first birds came in and I basically went three for three on the first birds coming in as they're waiting to watch me flow because I was the kid from New York City. so you know I shoot a lot. It's what I do. I think they realize that. But the first time I met your dad, you know the duck Commander Phil Robertson. You know the next day the first thing he says. To me was I hear you can shoot and so that was one of the great compliments of my life because if you guys were talking about how I shoot behind my back, I was like this is pretty good. so thank you for that. Mike. How about how about yourself talk about how you got into it and you know what what made you get into this and make it basically you know your lifestyle I like really I've been friends with Willie a long time and even Robertson family and saying I got started. Really blessed to have a father and a and really my whole family, hunted and fished and and and it's funny looking back. you know it wasn't really even just a sports. you know growing up in a place called Booger Obviously I can promise you. They want nothing that we didn't take and put a tag on that. we didn't have on the dinner table and so I just assumed that everybody hunt and fish, and I realized later that not everybody understood it the way we did and so for me, it's just to become a passion to become a lifestyle. It was a culture. It's what I grew up, You know eating squirrels eating. That lead to an opportunity to hunt deer and seeing this conservation efforts come to pass where we've got turkeys everywhere. We've got really every species that's known to mankind that lived in America is now back stronger than ever because by the way I thought this is because of the Administration's like our President right now that you know they care about the outdoors and so for me, it's just becomes something I love but to be honest, I didn't realize the conviction I had to promote it until I got a little older and realize a lot of people didn't. A lot of people didn't have that opportunity and so therefore I just been really blessed to be part of that voice and be able to talk about the streets of outdoors and hunting and fishing and and obviously it's a lot more than just going to fill the tag. It's it's a lot of things you can do out there so that was I was like really, I just grew up with a father and and a family that that's what we did and we just take we took less trips to the grocery store. we we we knew the good Lord had this renewable resources out there and we can take advantage of it and you know sometimes it wasn't. To the store, it was literally it was a rabbit. It was Venice and it was a back strap from a from a white-tailed deer and so I just I took it for granted to probably up until recently, and I really realized that I really want everybody to truly understand what it's like to have opportunity to hunt fish and and the accessibility we have out here in America right now. Yeah well I mean there's sort of two parts. I wanna respond to that way you know this administration. despite all the noise that you hear, I mean they've opened up four point One million new acres of public land access for Outdoorsman. you know that's literally never. Since Roosevelt you know you keep hearing, you know they're selling off public lands, which is totally false, but there's a lot of sort of well funded liberal marketing campaigns. I think designed to sort of divide the outdoor community, so you know it was awesome to see you know that I signed this week to you know to fund the backlogs in our National parks, which are more for you know for people to enjoy the great outdoors but again opening up access, I mean that's what we need to preserve this heritage for me, I know you know with the outdoors that you know it kept me out of a lot of other trouble I would have gotten into growing up. I mean if you're waking up at 40 'clock to be in a duck or a tree stand or whatever you're going to be doing We're gonna be out now. I'm not saying I was an angel and I know that neither of you guys were either no sir but it could have certainly you know been much worse, you know. will he talk about that? cuz I know you know we've spoken you know even even in 16 prior to the election about you know, opening up the refugees making sure that we can create access for children to you know again if you're gonna drive five hours to go hunting, guess what you're taking up golf if that's available and accessible to you and done in a responsible fashion. This is a really a renewable resource that can. Forever. Yeah, it really is oh well I wanna know Michael talking about they didn't go to the stores much. I I'm surprised there were stores in and Booger. That was that was part of the problem that we didn't have a choice but to the stores it was a pretty good adventure to get to the grocery store. They just got paper money Last week, I thought. like Willie, we just enjoying this electricity right now. I mean I'm. I hear you and I agree that we we've got to make it a better. you know with all the the resources that we have. And being outside, I think we saw that more this year more than ever right, I mean just since the beginning of the year people wanting to be outside and and do the outside and yeah we we spoke about that back in 16 of making things more accessible. so that people can go out and actually enjoy what it is because it's not if you're gonna have to travel that far to go find property and invite everybody else to get in there. We've got plenty of property you know for people to go out and enjoy and and teach our youngsters about that. Maybe that's a problem in some of these big cities they need to get out in the Woods they they may calm down. Well, you know I I agree I mean for me you know what I say. Hey, I'm locked out. I went up to my cabin. you know in upstate New York. I was you know, shooting and fishing. I mean I had people complaining that I was fishing. I was like I'm on my way fishing like what am I doing. I'm not around anyone within a thousand yards, but you know more importantly, we will sort of interesting is when you you know at the beginning of this when people weren't sure what was going on, there was a fear about a food run. I'm sitting there. I opened up my trunk. I got Venice and sausage there, I got elk strap over there. I had you know a couple of quarters of like a sword that I had caught over over the holidays and I'm like man. I mean like a King, there was something sort of nice about knowing that I was self sufficient. you know in this kind of crisis and whether it was fish or meat you know I had it all I was eating better than I would have been if I was going out to restaurants in New York City. so you know Mike you sort of grew up that way, but you know we obviously grew up in two totally different. But to have the appreciation for the ability and the skill set to be able to do that, I mean it seems like something really valuable to get a kid into so they know how to do it. It's one of the most important things and I think society has lost the contact and connection with that and Donald you said it best when the the coveted crisis hit America. and obviously it hit the world but here in America and it hit the spring well, obviously we're going in the Turkey season and there is some spring hunting. There's spring bear. you got spring Turkey. I love to hunt turkeys so luckily for me. Out of that fall and looking at the same freezer like you're talking about one this at my House, I did I had tons of meat. I had venison and so at the same time as my wife is scrambling trying to get toilet paper literally, I'm thinking of a hundred, but don't worry about it No meat because we're good as a matter of fact, not only we have plenty of meat for months for our family, but we got need for other families so when I was able to go to our freezer along with the one I have at my House and the one I have here at the farm and along with my dads, we're able to provide me for a lot of. Because people are going to the grocery stores the supermarkets they couldn't find a chicken breast. They couldn't find a pork chop the grill couldn't find me to make a hamburger out of to me that makes toilet paper irrelevant when you don't have anything to put in your stomach to toilet paper. so obviously when it gets down to it, I was I was sitting there thinking wow what a time to really explore and to understand what it's like not just to hunt and it's not about trophy hunt. It's about understanding the true balance and understanding that the good Lord's new sources are out here. And to know that now think about this you tip on it when you're talking about what your father is doing right now and giving us more access to these public grounds that we have paid tax dollars into that now everybody including me you and our audience here has an opportunity to hunt for substance for opportunity for excitement to reconnect with the outdoors. and so I was blessed that most of my come from private ground. You know I'm friends with the Roberts at any. The Robertson he's gonna bite me down to cut in any given time. I can invite them to hunt deer Turkey on my place and so we're blessed that we have places to hunt but not everybody in the big cities as well as throughout the country have access. but guess what our President is make sure that that's the case everybody's got opportunity. There's millions of acres that you too can explore so when you talk about trophy hunting, the true trophy is can you survive when a crisis hits and it's been proven time and time again that there's nothing. We're in a world where organic is key. There's nothing more organic than back There's no more organic than a mallard duck and then a gray squirrel and so when it gets down to it when you understand you can't cut out the Middle man you're not dependent on public or Piggly Wiggly you're dependent on yourself and your ability to understand and hunting is more than just a privilege. It's a God-given right and the good Lord put it there and so when you understand that and you understand the joy of that you live free. An opportunity now we still struggle to find a fair share of toilet paper, but not venison So for me, that's not I wanna get out there is to be able to know the people have this access and no other administration and I can't say enough has ever fought for that. nobody has ever fought for that other than the Trump administration to understand the culture of the Hunter and to make sure that not only that he can stand up for but to know it and understand it and obviously you being a Hunter but no one the importance. A culture that we represent and so that's what I'm proud of in the the world all this discrimination of my President has proved that he don't discriminate against any culture. He stands for all of us and even if you don't understand every attribute of what I go hunting for or what really does or even his son You he still knows that it's something that is needed and that we need to protect and fight for and this culture is something that I believe fairly that from the rural areas to the city area when you understand more about outdoors. How to provide for yourself and your family you're gonna realize what and really a huge benefit. it is to have hunters in America. You can also can understand what it is to be a benefit to be a Hunter and I'm very proud of that. and I'm proud that the Trump administration has recognized that and I'm very proud of. he's open up millions of acres and also opened up millions of dollars. so we can't have this lifestyle protect ourselves. Well. Thank you very much so guys we're gonna go take a quick Commercial break and we'll be right back with Michael Waddell and Willie Robertson. Joe Biden's. Old liberal ideas would crush our economy just as it's recovering higher taxes on families crippling regulations, trade deals that ship jobs to China President Trump led us to the strongest economy in history. He did it his way, not the Washington way and he's doing it again. renewing restoring rebuilding two point five million new jobs the biggest jobs increase ever, and he's just getting started. I'm Donald J Trump and I approve this message. Joe Biden. Embrace the policies of the radical left trillions in new taxes crushing Middle class families If you're like me, your taxes are gonna be raised not cut Amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants citizenship for 11 million undocumented folks reducing police funding. Yes, absolutely the radical left has taken over Joe Biden and the Democratic Party don't let them take over America. I'm Donald J Trump and I approve this message. We're back so you know Michael, you had a good, you know sort of Segway into this the last time and it was it was sort of an interesting thing. It's something that not a lot of people talk about there will I'd like to sort of ask you about this cuz I know you guys do the same. I mean you talk about Mike like you're having a full freezer but also giving it to others and that's what I think is one of the biggest misnomers the media wants to vilify people who are hunting. They talk about trophy hunting for me The trophy is being with my friends in a campfire being away from a cellphone off of a couch. you know that's what. If I get a good meal out of it, you know, it's the experience that's the trophy to me, but also one of the big things that seems to be neglected. Is you know what really hunters do for their community? Whether it's functioning as a mentor, you know, bringing young people out showing them a different experience. whether it's donating and programs like hunters feeding the homeless. it's you know Willie. I know you guys have done some stuff with that and it's sort of very active in promoting the lifestyle. Willie you're one of the first people sort of on mainstream TV to you know, make it okay and to be out there being like it's okay to be a Hunter. I know how hard that is as a real estate developer from New York, you know when it came. That I was a Hunter, I was attacked, I was vilified and I you know I didn't do the oh I'm I'm so sorry I'll I'll never do what I love to do again to appease you know some loser in California. I was like I I it is what it is this. These are the facts. There are what hunters do. I mean talk a little bit about that because I think so many people lose sort of the optic what it is to be a Hunter, the generosity of that to sort of the commitment the perseverance it takes all of these traits that are so lacking today in our. Society in general since since you've been so good and instrumental in bringing people into the great outdoors, Yeah, I mean I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that about a bunch of those folks probably just don't understand hunting and what it is. we do if you've never been out there, you wouldn't you wouldn't have a clue and if you wanna Thank you know we're wasting or harming animals or you know, I mean they're gonna put us in that slot and so it's really about feeding you know ourselves. And a lot of others you know over the years you know with this, many Ducks that we've we've we've had a lot of people absolutely are you guys have? so we would you know that was the thing we go harvest whatever it is and then one of the real joys besides being with our our family and friends and all that time that we share is actually delivering the food you know, delivering someone who can go do that for whatever reason and Gonna do that there's no different than the supermarket delivers the same exact things right. I mean their animals that are coming in. I just like the fact that I get to see where mine comes from. I I you know sometimes we'll look at it for years right like and we'll see you know and we'll go after that and so a trophy I mean it's going to going to where from you know Trophy around these parts. It might not be a big old thing, but it was one that was hard to get and so and that's the challenge and that's what we love but you know, we're not leaving things out that. Goes to feed people you know and there's churches around here that that that I've taken me to that we that the freezers in the church building and so the widows have come up there and enforce it and they'll pass out to me. so they're really excited and when we're able to harvest something I'm Mike and I we were in Iowa. I think we both donated to the program there with me so we've done this all over the country. I know you've been around the country for the last couple of years everywhere I go, they say Don Junior. Here in two weeks ago, I swear everywhere we're in the outdoors. You have just been there. so oh, yeah. I'm definitely roving I probably wasn't getting to do as much as you guys were, but I definitely try to fit in or fishing you know when I end up on one of these trips, it's like hey, let's do it on a Friday and then I you know, maybe I can spend a Saturday or Saturday and a Sunday doing a little bit of fishing getting my outdoor time and it's you know for me. It's been one of those things It's been such an important part of my life. It's where I go to decompress and get away from it all get you know totally disconnected. I mean, it's really what I do. It's actually my lifestyle. It's it's not like you know, I know plenty of people that you know they hunt, but you know it's once every other year so they can talk about it at a cocktail party for the next 15 years. I mean I'm doing this stuff every weekend and I know that you guys are now you know. Hey, we all have one thing in common which we have a lot of kids. We have a lot of kids right. Michael you have five I have five Willie has six so we're actually under performing. I have a feeling we gotta do a little bit more hunting and fishing because we have way too much free time on our hands stand up with that many kids but. Talk to me about you know some of the lessons that you think you know are so important for the kids cuz I I look at it whether it's shooting or whether it's hunting whether it's you know patience perseverance you know the fact that you know, it's not an instant gratification kind of game. I mean you gotta spend time you know these are qualities that just don't exist. You know you don't get them on Nintendo and sitting on a couch and playing Fortnite where it's I mean, I think there's such important tricks. Michael you know, talk to me a little bit about that. You know, I know it meant. To you, but are you trying to push that onto your kids so they can experience that and whether they get into it or not to have that skill set and to have those qualities. you know I think are so important for our kids growing up these days Well you nailed it and what it is Donald is to me is not really a sport Now. My kids have always been very active in baseball football. I love it. I love sports, but hunting is more of a deep rooted culture that when you find it sticks with you and even when you think about video games you think about baseball games, I can remember some home run. A Little League baseball, but this time I spent with my even the times I spent with the Robertson family time I've spent with friends I never ever even. come close to getting those moments even when it didn't lead to fill in the attack. And so really I've never pushed hunting all my kids. I've just tried to make them proper stewards no different than we're blessed. We got a peek and orchard here we got about a thousand trees, We managed and harvest the pecans every year and obviously a big part of an operation is tractors. Who's 67, which by the way earlier today while I was a little bit late jumping on this call was my dad help me out here working on my own farm and I was like please with this guy. take a break. He never quits. We had a sledgehammer driving fence post like that they're making a implement. We can do that. you know we can put this post on the ground so he's working me and my dad is always talking about in this equipment is making sure you're tractors making sure you change the oil and so when you look at that this tractor is a resource that we use to to to make. Can run a proper business when it comes to harvesting these pecans well when it gets down to the wildlife hunters a lot of times or misrepresented in the fact that it is a blood sport. It is about just shooting an animal if you love something and you respect that you take care of it just like we take care of our tractors so people like Roberson families, people like you, Donald and all these hunters in the 13 million licenses across the country. They're always putting back way more than they take and because of hunters we have become the best. Story on Earth, not not not in America on Earth America has the best resources on Earth and with that all I wanna do is my kids is just like you said teach them that this is not a guarantee. This is time you put into it. You're always going into the wild and you're always knowing that they're gonna have the advantage. They're they're very weary. They're smart. They're not wanting to get on our dinner table. They're they're not like that. It's not like we go out and shoot an animal We hunt for an animal and hopefully we're blessed enough to have an opportunity through the the skill to the to the perseverance that we we go through and so. I just think like really said, I don't think a lot of people truly know there's a lot of things happen right now our buddy Jim is working on a movie called the harvest that hopefully will help make it mainstream. Maybe we can tell the story a little better he's working on that. it's called the harvest but overall I just want my kids as well as the whole country to know. I'm not mad at somebody when they condemned hunting or throw a rock. I just feel like it's up to me and I'm convicted to help share that message and to know that around our camps and smiles everybody's happy. Panic and in a crisis because we're independent, we understand how to hunt and through that's all I want to teach my kids how to take care of something just like the tractor take care of your resources. take care of these things that the good Lord has given us and let's make sure that it flourishes we lead the Woods better than we went into it and if we do those things we will always have a backup plan and I don't care if you're from New York City or La or book about Monroe, Louisiana at Robinson's, we have access to survive and that independence is strong and I've come to find I finally solve the riddle. I think the. Extreme liberal community is terrified of this independence and when it comes to that that's a hundred percent right, I mean the left wants you to be dependent on big government if if you are, that's all they have to offer you when you're independent when you can do those things for yourself, that's the problem and so I've seen for myself. I mean again where I grow up. It's not like Boo, but I will probably everyone has a hunting license where I grew up almost nobody does and so I've taken it upon myself to bring my friends and it's. I for anti anti gun anti you trust me and go. Yeah, I go give me 12 hours. you know I'll get them on the range. I'll take them to shoot some clays shoot some handgun shoot AR fifteens God forbid. It's an assault weapon. Oh, no, it's the end of the world. not one of those people that I've taken and done it right and do it safely and it'll take them on like a pheasant shoot type of thing Not one of those people hasn't been like. Oh my God like that. I was incredible. What are we going again? I mean these are people that were vehemently against it whether it was against guns whether it was against certainly a ours whether it was against hunting one afternoon. All of a sudden not only are they, you know, net neutral, they're they're actually pro all of the things that they were against and so you know Willie talk a little bit about that as well because you know to me, it's that mentorship, I mean if hunting, it's not natural to just get into it. if you don't have someone you know that'll take you under their wing. so talk a little bit about what it takes to sort of to be a mentor to open that door, whether it's to a child whether it's to a woman whether it's whoever it may be that may not be a Hunter because I think it's our responsibility, you know to show them. Michael said about you know the experience, but it'll also show them and have them realize what hunters and and conservationists have done to preserve the animals and the land is so pristine in America. well, I mean if you think about unless you're a really hot for Ducks or something 99 percent of your honey is not shooting, you're just sitting there and you're walking. Yeah. it's I think people think you're just out there just unloading all this ammo and that we all know that's not the case. I mean you're gonna sit. you're gonna wait like you said. You gotta persevere you. Be patient and a lot of that time in the Woods. It's just some of my favorite time. It's amazing what you see out there. and so when I think about mentorship you know I can take a younger person or someone who hadn't hunted a lot. We can just walk in the Woods You know just for fun and I can show you all kind of neat things and things that happen that that a lot of city folks don't see you know there's don't see all the persons squirrels all these things that they are going on even the activities of deer Ducks and how they react and so that's enjoyable to me and I. Show that whether or not we pull the trigger on all three of us know that we don't have to pull a trigger. You know it's many times. We know we choose them. We this one day and we you know we had what we you know did and so that's what it's about. It's getting people out there. It's a great chance to talk, especially Dunn. I mean it's such a sport even like when we there's also teamwork because we fail most everything we're at and so it's me and someone else and we're up there we. We're trying to capture this so that you know other people will be able to see this and enjoy this and it's difficult but it's like a team up there trying to work. You gotta be quiet. You know you can't move and so it's amazing and then when you get animals that close to you, I don't care who you are when you get a deer sitting there eating 10 yards away from you or 10 feet away from you if you're hard to be pumping, you know, I don't care what day it is. you know it's it's amazing close to something there and there is so much. And so much so much of what I'm doing. I mean it's you know, give me a backpack and a rifle and drop me off in the UK and I'll see you in 14 days. You know the hundreds of miles away from a road, you know and you know chasing you know sheep. I mean that's sort of my thing and you know the hunt. The pool in the trigger is a fraction of a second, but it's two weeks of you know wearing a 60 pound pack and hiking you know 10 to 20 miles a day, and you know, literally no trails, No nothing just breaking trails to some of the most pristine wilderness there is camp. Under the stars like you know that's just amazing, but then you you contrast that to duck hunting and you're right. I mean you know you wanna have a good time with buddies you get into a duck early in the morning and you can talk and you know you gotta be quiet when they're around but it's such a. It's such a great communal experience. It's sort of like being around the campfire but you know during the day and with guns so you know the duck thing, which is obviously you do it all Willie, but I mean that's so much what you guys are known for you know some of the greatest. Some of the the best friendships I've made have been in a duck blind and just having that time with buddies to talk again, you're just so removed from everything else in the world. It just makes it really special. I think the reason you're going to get dropped off for a month and the Woods cuz you cooped up in New York City. so, of course you're I do. I know that that was the problem with like the quarantine and everything I was like this is great. I can go to my Cabinet. I can go you know I was. I don't wanna say this in a way you know someone will take it the wrong way and make a big. So I'm gonna throw the disclaimer language out there, but I'm like wait a minute like I'm sort of in my happy place right now like I can't be around other people. I get to be at my cat in the Woods. I'm I'm I was eight yards from anyone. This is this is great. yeah. so most people probably wouldn't know that about me, but I know that you guys do Absolutely one thing I was gonna say too and I tell the story and I'm not even I've shared it with Willie and or at least I've said. Thank you but we we talk so much about you know obviously conservation we talk about hunting and why it's legit. I mean, obviously the Lord gave us do. To have a chance to hunt these animals and the fisheries and to not only have a chance to use it for our family for our table fair but also to take care of it. but so much don't get said about the Brotherhood and the sisterhood and the tight-knit camaraderie and we all go through different changes in our life. We go through diversity. We have happy times. We have hard times. We have low time and one of the lowest times I was in my life was right in the Middle of really when my career was going to best with Bone Collector and stuff really had just started to duck. And let me tell you that the Robertson went from you know some guys who are literally like. I'm like, Oh my God. These guys are freaking everybody knows them all around the world I had relatives that finally thought I was cool because I knew the Robertson. I mean it was unbelievable. I've walked through an airport with Willie during the peak and I was like this is great. I don't have to take any selfies. They're all taking home with Willie. This is this is like the greatest place that you know it's sort of hard to hide that beard it with the bandana I was like perfect. it was like a it was like. Decoy it was like an anti selfie decoy. It was the greatest now it's over now it's over now. I'm back. I'm back. I can't for the risk of sounding sissy man. I'm you're looking really handsome Willie I will say now that you not that you didn't before, but the don's around the closets so there we go and I know it's crazy. We're we're we're really pushing the boundaries today, but it's 2020 and that's okay. No one cares right, but what that one thing I was gonna say and I'm telling you this man is meant the world to me and it sums up the camaraderie of hunting and you know you know Donald you. New York City Monroe, Louisiana and all across this world from all different religions from all different races and cultures when you're in Huntington campus, all the same and I was going through a tough time and I never get Willie and I and his crew we were in camp Doug dinosaurs in full swing They were doing great Willie and I were hunting deer in Iowa and most hunt and Willie you can tell us a man. What are you? alright? He could just tell something's going on just cuz we're friends. We didn't talk about all the time I kinda shared with my story and I never get Willie Hug me and say but. I love you and we pray he prayed for me and with me and I'll never forget That moment was huge because it let me know, outdoors and hunting it had nothing to do with what we're doing in our businesses or what really could gain from bone collector or what I can gain from Duck dynasty and then it was a friendship and what's special about that. That wasn't something really specifically for me anybody in that camp and if you look and you are that person. you become somebody's true confidant and friend and each and everyone of us. You know you know you and I have been friends for the last several years and any time I see something whether it's true or not on the news my first text Hey buddy if you ever need to get away camp fires open and that is code word for knowing I'm here for you. I love you and and the people just don't realize one thing I'll add we cut off the bottom and we pick on Willie everybody's beard long hair and I really do believe that everybody thought the world was just gonna be laughing at a bunch of hillbillies from bastard. Or that area in Monroe, Louisiana, but in reality you realize these guys are smart, They're passionate They love the good Lord. They love the resources. they fight protect it and they were very funny and very witty and very educated and so with that sometimes this world says do not stereotype. do not judge a book by the cover and and look at me. I've got a beard now. Donald you got a beard and so we I just wanna be handsome like you guys. shoot man. Well we all try I guess but when it gets down to it. If anybody's out there listening today I don't care if they're from LA. I don't care what big city I don't care what area in a crisis and even if you look at us and think how in the world out of all the gifts that you can have on his podcast, he picked Willie and Michael Waddell Well, let me just say this The reason is because you understand what this culture represents where assets to America, not just me and Willie. I'm saying this culture and what I mean by that in a crisis, something happens, I don't care what kind of crazy thing you living on if you want a stereotype, I'm saying. I'm not mad if you're stereo. I'm not mad if you stereotype my friend will because his dad's probably right around right now in Realtree camouflage and probably ain't so and got an old rusted out truck with a bunch of duck feathers in it if something happens in your kid or you are in a crisis you run and you find somebody that looks like Willie you find somebody with a Duck Commander sticker find somebody with a bumper sticker maybe find somebody with the NRA sticker on the back of their truck you jump in that truck. I promise you, it doesn't matter what race you are. It doesn't matter what religion you are. It matter who you are or what you believe in it doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat or liberal or conservative, I promise on the Bible that man or that woman will protect you He. He understands the Second Amendment. He's probably got a concealed carry permit He will protect you and feed you now you might have this squirrels and meter. Hey, I've had squirrel squirrel. It's it's delicious and it might get to your to your point. I mean you know that's right. I mean even in 16 when you came out, you know in support of us, I mean some of these like let. It's Soros funded type organizations you know I I may have been, but you know, I won't put words in your mouth. I won't say, but let's say allegedly you know George Sorros type organizations went after you just to try to hurt you for being supportive because they recognize that the community means a lot they recognize that we go to bat for each other. So you know you're not just saying this you've actually gone through some of that nonsense. Just like I have so you know you guys have been awesome at that and honestly, you know Willie for you guys. you know whether it was Bill yourself your brothers. So welcoming to me, not just as friends, but even politically like hey when something's going on, can we show up to an event? you know what your father you know is given the opening prayer. you know it's just been absolutely amazing and again that's not easy in the world that we live. That's not easy when you have television shows or sponsors or this kind of things because you know in this world, obviously Donald Trump could do nothing right. It's been it's always bad and you guys have sort of taken that with a grain of salt, it doesn't matter these are the people we like these are. Believe in so you know, I just wanna thank both of you because that means the world to me as well and I think you know we're fighting for you know the freedoms of America the Constitution everything that we're so so used to love and I really do believe that that's a threat when you see the plans that are being put forth by the other side. that's not me guessing those plans. that's on their website. You know it's it's there and it's real. so I just wanna thank you guys for that so to wrap up, I do have you know one last question. Alright you have you have 100 left to do 100. What is it and with who let's start with you? Willie? What do you think 11 left? I do wanna say Thank you for being on here and I just wanna say what a historic week. This is to get this pass. You know when you start thinking about bills being passed and haven't been passing 50 years that we've helped out the outdoors our parks and it's just awesome so congratulations to the administration and you know I just want to celebrate that I appreciate it. Yeah so don't have to be a duck. and maybe a little more of where we're at exactly. that's but just just being with him and hearing that wisdom. he's got cuz you know our parents get older. We don't know how much longer we have with them and I know I'll miss that day when you just can't go down there and do that so so that's my. I'm. I'm simple man. I'm not you know I've been out there chasing goats and sheep and I'm must run around in the mountains. I've been with you guys and you can't hunt like the Robertson's because it's not just a hunt. It's a full commitment. I mean the food by the way you're a much better chef than you are a Hunter. I mean these guys and I'm like you know this for a fact I mean this is this Roberts and boys. These guys are like this isn't like hey, we're slapping together a sandwich for dinner. I mean this is a procedure and they do it well and they do it right. So you know one of my last May with that because you know, I'm such a good time with you guys, but it's that whole experience the camaraderie the the dinner. And the food I mean, I've just had such a great time with you guys, but yeah, the one thing that Willie is probably not known for is he is a phenomenal chef. He did it like a four hour dinner one time in camp and it was him and me. Yes. Yeah, no. he didn't like it was like you know Crawfish ate to play with this that I mean it was for I don't really you and I'll have a power bar like you know, I'm glad he did it because it was one of the best deals I've ever had, but like how many times have I eaten in hunting camp, but I remember that you know he went through this thing it was amazing so I'm still waiting for him to teach me how to cook like that. I'm okay. I like that Louisiana, you boys, you know you do that stuff special and we just it's hard to duplicate anywhere else almost we're we're passionate about our food and our that's for sure and. one thing I will say another unknown talent you should be in camp with not only is he cooking. people don't know that and you already hear and karaoke. I mean Steve Perry is already insecure because they did that. WoW. We just did it and so I got to say that's a lot of well. Listen if you talk with Phil again, you talk about that judging a book by his government. He's one of the most well read people I know you. You know you're like, Oh you look you're just like oh no way. you know this is not a guy to be trifled with academically. I mean these are smart guys and again it's not the way the world likes to group us or look at us or something like that. but you know there's a lot more there. So you know what about you? Mike well last one. What is it well it goes along with kind of what Willie is saying, and it just shows the true Testament Testament about hunting for me I would be on the Turkey up with my dad on opening day in Georgia because I've never. A single open a day with my dad Turkey hunting since I was 12 years old and so that's I don't even I'm not as good at math to figure out that, but it's been many years 30 something years and so when I look back on that, it's obviously not about if we could get one again like Willie. it's about. that wisdom is about one more time when somebody you love and respect and for me that would be the ultimate. I mean the ultimate the ultimate. Do we lose Mike? We lost him on ultimate. Let's say, Hey guys, I got it. I'm sorry there we go you stop cranking it down. I'm gonna keep the electricity going to crank that thing. Michael that the generator ain't gonna run itself. You gotta crank it. I've got all five of my kids running on the treadmill to keep this power going man. That's What I'm got a Gatorade, I think but listen you that that was awesome and I'm glad you said cuz like again of all the things you could do. It's it's sometimes it's the most simple. It's the most basic and that's what it all is. That's what the great outdoors is about. That's what America is about. You know it's that tradition. Friends and family and honestly, you know the outdoors hunting fishing. I can't think of a better way to just get away from the craziness. That is the world that we live in today. I'm hoping that maybe with the Cove in 19 crisis and I'm hearing from our friend Johnny Morris from bass Pro shops and you know he's saying, Wow, there's so many people coming to the store. They're just buying fishing gear and they're buying you know geared for the outdoors and camping and you know, I just hope that more Americans get to experience what we know so intimately what we know and love because I. You guys America the great outdoors will be good to you. It'll be good for you and you're gonna really appreciate a whole different aspect of life. It is about the experience not about pulling a trigger, not about anything else. It's about that experience about friendship about the camaraderie and guys. Thank you so much for being here with me today I look forward to getting back into a duck blind or hunting camp or around the campfire with you guys right now. I'm pretty busy till November third but come late season. I'm gonna be back out there making up for lost time. so really thank you guys both very much at Willie Robertson again. Thank you. Michael Watt. The best I appreciate your friendship. I appreciate your support and I look forward to seeing you out there soon be good guys. Thank you.

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