First Class Overnight Train

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This first class overnight train in Japan looks incredible! 😱

Living Bobby

Posted 10 months ago in Travel & Leisure Activities

UNILAD Adventure 10 months ago

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Tony Foster 10 months ago

I am so jealous I Love Trains but I have never rode the one your own look forward to it someday

Mark Jones 10 months ago

Still waiting for this 19m super yacht

Michael Mills 8 months ago

Oh god! Not this guy again!!

Mike Pitz 9 months ago

He's so liberal it's absolutely dripping out of his pores

Dena Riad 10 months ago

I wonder how tall this guy is

Muneer Toprani 9 months ago

Would love to do that some day. Very nice. Take care.

Mahtab Zaghi 10 months ago

Wim Hectors deze man is bijna even excited als gij over Japan en nachttreinen haha

Matthew Barnes 10 months ago

Nice plug well id hate to see what a nice plug doesn't look like

Shirley Hanson Monks 10 months ago

How much did it cost for the ride