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Here's Vitor Matos with his 5️⃣ top tips for young players aspiring to make the grade at senior level 🙌

Posted 1 year ago

Alton Saitoti 1 year ago

Premier league should be cancelled without crowning anyone champion...

Bakhtiar Gerrard Muhayat 1 year ago

We all love LFC players.. please call back the young loanees to play in senior squad..
the excuse to loan out to is to gained experience.. playing time .. when the time is up ... they have experienced by now..

Carlos de Matos 1 year ago

Is he related to me? 🤔

Brace Michael 1 year ago

klopp should leave the FA and the smaller competition for the lads to have more experiences

Ramsay Paul 1 year ago

He spoke well with some really interesting ideas to progress as a footballer (I use football topics to teach English football vocabulary in my group... for free. Please take a look ✌️⚽️

Scott Angood 1 year ago

Tim Backwell some sensible stuff in here

Andres Nicolas Morales Tobias 1 year ago

Love this. Will keep working hard

Nicky Trần 1 year ago