Boom Shankar @ Midnight Madness (New York City / 01.01.2017)

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What I truly love about the Psytrance scene in the US is the underground character and family spirit but as well the amazing level of production....

Posted 5 years ago in Music & Audio

Ofer Rayman 5 years ago

one of the best tunes from 2016 dickster vs magik u rocked there as allways man = )

Jeff Lloyd 5 years ago

Man, I haven't been to NYC psy party in at least 10 years..... Need to get back up that way from Baltimore MD! I just saw BOOM SHANKAR in Willits, CA a few months ago at the LunaSol TrancePlants party and he was incredible

Alice B. Kearney 5 years ago

Please come back soon!! 👽👽

Luis Campos 5 years ago

Thank you bro to give me an honor of tag with you ❤

Andy Baum 5 years ago

Cool Armin
Happy new year broh..

Jas Trance 5 years ago

Your set was recorded?! Hell yeah we'd love to have it! Thanks again for an absolutely perfect evening xx. Hope to see you again this summer. Much love.

Peter Antal 5 years ago

Please upload to soundcloud in good quality (with an option to download!). Continue your amazing work in 2017.

Henrik Weber 5 years ago

See you again at Douala in Ravensburg! :)

Ivy Orth 5 years ago

Video looked great. I would love to hear the audio in propa quality to go with it.