Michael Phelps and Other Leaders on Finding Happiness: Stop Tying Your Self-Worth to Your Career Success

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'Being able to look at yourself and like who you see in the mirror -- for so long, I never did,' Michael Phelps said. 'I looked at myself as a swimmer,...

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Daniel Squires - Aderele 2 years ago

Hello everyone,is anyone looking to manifest great health and physique?
That comes as a result of thoughts, feeling and actions.
Thinking positve thoughts, feeling joy and peace, and taking the right actions, like working out, eating more higher vibration foods - wholefood and plant based, getting quality sleep and a regular sleeping pattern.

If anyone wants F.REE help I can add you to a 30 day challenge group where you get a workout program and meal prep ideas. (Comment/DM me "30 day challenge" if you're interested)

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