Citi 97.3 FM - There was early morning traffic congestion...

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There was early morning traffic congestion at the Kaneshie First Light today following heavy rains in Accra last night. #CitiNewsroom

Selasi Mawutor
Selasi Mawutor4 months ago

This early morning,Wher r they going.Poverty no gud kraaaaaa.

Alfred Owusu
Alfred Owusu4 months ago

Traffic don't discriminate. It doesn't know NPP and NDC. We will all suffer. Useless government whose priority is to amount wealth.

Nii Kotey Gold
Nii Kotey Gold4 months ago

When Twene Jonas talks right now the same hypocrites will come and defend politrickcians.. How many V8s can u see in the video.. They're all sleeping in their mansions..

Kwesi Nyarko
Kwesi Nyarko4 months ago

Greetings to Twene Jonas...... One way

Fred Teddy
Fred Teddy4 months ago

I know a politician who use to live with us in the UK and could not make ends meet so he went back to contest as an MP in his village. Within 6months he has put up three houses and sends money from Ghana to his girl friend here in the UK. When we say they are steeling the Ghanaian money then they become aggressive and want to shut people up.

August Tenth
August Tenth4 months ago

So I beg oooh, just asking. I know this isn't NanaBawu's fault but what can we baost of them when they leave power because Accra is not working. Everything looks awkward. Anyway stop blaming politicians, it's you and I who put them in power without any checks and balances.

Aidam J Godwin
Aidam J Godwin4 months ago

Ghana have money to fly expensive private jets and even wants to buy but can fix common roads .
What a country, the day the youth will rise hmmm!

Lueitenent Samuel Bati
Lueitenent Samuel Bati4 months ago

The abetsibi lamptey interchange is a useless one, it solves no problem, the bridge should have go as far as first light

Don Calculous
Don Calculous4 months ago

When everyone thinks that the daily bread in a certain area of the country, this is what happen.

Barima Appiah
Barima Appiah4 months ago

Some people eeer, everything on Social Media is a Tango between NPP and NDC. Hmmmmn!!.