Mc ep 44 full , Thanks to Cagatay Ulusoy fans for english spea...

Serenay Sarikaya Worldwide fans • 5 years ago   136     5  •  5.4K Views
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Mc ep 44 full , Thanks to Cagatay Ulusoy fans for english speakers for the subtitles

Posted 5 years ago in TV & Movies
Lynn M Schneider
Lynn M Schneider3 years ago

I love the drama! 😊

Rosell Jane Daguisonan Gonzales
Rosell Jane Daguisonan Gonzales4 years ago

Yaman makes my blood preasure very2 high..😠😠😠hes wasting all the time to make it up to mira. Anyways,its just a movie/drama.very effective on making my heart 💔 ..😢😢

Sharmine Sd
Sharmine Sd4 years ago

Ok i m sorry but that aint the deep love they claimed if Mira fidnt share that she was admitted in the hospital with Yaman even if in an email, nor trye friendship if she didnt share with Eylul or Mert either. So what is Orkun to her? Someone she uses to deceive her true friends and love...what a shame Mira...
And what a shame Yaman for being so narrow mindee to think his ego is more important than his truth

Rena Papadopoulos
Rena Papadopoulos4 years ago