Faith in God Gives You Universal Thinking

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Faith in God Gives You Universal Thinking

Posted 7 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Reshma Parvez 7 months ago

You too we ask Allah to grant you all that and give you more wisdom,knowledge and understanding of the deen.. Aameen

Reshma Parvez 7 months ago

Ya Allah grant us wisdom patience and strength to persevere in our faith
Make our mission and vision : admittance into Jannatul Firdaus without reckoning.

Neelam Prakash 7 months ago

Well explained 👌
May Allah grants you the highest status of Jannatul firdous Allahumma Ameen 🤲🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Gaurav Sudan 7 months ago


Ghafoor Baloch 7 months ago

Rightly said that, faith is the name of discovery of glory and realize the greatness of God✓✓✓✓

Irfan Syed 4 months ago

السلام علیکم میرا نام عرفان ہے میرا سوال ہے عصر اور مغرب کے درمیان نماز پڑھنا چاہیے یا نہیں احادیث کی روشنی میں جواب دیں شکریہ

Reshma Parvez 7 months ago


When last have you boosted your iman(faith),
Connect with your maker now, seek His forgiveness and boost your iman.
Feel the link!.
Feel the spirituality.

Bahram Ayaz Khan 7 months ago

Maulana sb God bless you.Surely you will be missed.

سعد ابوسمره 7 months ago

رحمه الله وغفر له

Omer Al-muhairi 7 months ago