FreakNight Festival - 20th Anniversary Edition - October 28 & ...

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USC Events is thrilled to present the phase one lineup of #FreakNightFestival鈥檚 Twentieth Anniversary at the Tacoma Dome 10/28-10/29.
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Posted 5 years ago

USC Events 5 years ago

Outlet Tickets On Sale August 17th, 10am PDT.
Online Tickets On Sale August 19th, 10am PDT.

More Info at

Azka Khan Arafat 5 years ago

Bushra Masood Aisha Amjad Sumit Biswas Prasid Pathak Feadal Arafat
I've heard a lot about freak night in Seattle and tons of people go each year! It's a pretty big deal and I believe ZEDD is playing!!!

Lupita Andrade 5 years ago

Ana Olivares You already know it's about to be poppin ! I can't wait 馃槶馃槶馃槶

Cameron McMillan 5 years ago

Is Wamu not even an option anymore because someone died there?? The Tacoma dome eats shit, compared to Wamu, really a shame.

Kevin Nguyen 5 years ago

Tien An Irving Tom Zack yo this line up is killer

Samantha Minyard 5 years ago

Shelby Wilkey Ashley Wilkey id love to take you guys to this! Would be epic for your first rave