Mamadou Dramé. Kora player

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This is a very unique instrument named Kora. #RhythmAndMusic #ff #follow #Kora #Music #Musique

Posted 5 years ago in Music & Audio

Len Wenn 5 years ago

Rhi Hewitt it's the bloke from the restaurant 😂

Olivier Coen 5 years ago

Magnifique !

Birgit Van Wetten 5 years ago

Thats beautifull thanx from the Netherlands!❤️

Tarnz Murray 5 years ago

Very Nice...Beautifully Played...Unique Sound..thank You Sir...from New Zealand!!

Vito Napoli 5 years ago

Sidiki Diabate is a superb Kora musician

Gualberto Coco Romero 5 years ago