Ruckus in Lok Sabha. Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12 pm

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Ruckus in Lok Sabha. Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12 pm. India Today's Anand Patel brings in the latest from outside Parliament
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Posted 3 months ago in Politics

Karan Veer 3 months ago

पप्पू गदहा गदहों के साथ ट्रैक्टर पर सवार होकर निकला

Prodosh Padhy 3 months ago

Fake neta who failed to bring down fuel rise and reforms .Only try to speak now for education .

Anup Saha 3 months ago

Gopala Krishna 3 months ago

Dismiss those who distrupting parliament session

Girish Devaramane 3 months ago

First it was wheel chair gimmick, now its spyware gimmicks.
She needs to know, any person who suspects their phone or computer is hacked, they can go to police station to register a complaint.
...Why don't politician's who accuse government of spying file a police complaint?
.... Since the spying secret is out, the spy will clean all evidences, traces, hint, clues etc. Retired Supreme court judge is not competent to investigate online crime.
Amnesty credibility has alaways been questionable. When government asked its sources of fund, it shut down india office. Amensty has not revealed the source of 50000 phone numbers. NSO has denied having those numbers. Any third party can do spying, it need not have to be Indian government only. Only BJP opponents names have been released . This is to create a narrative, BJP has ordered spying. Amensty is ambiguous in its accusations. Amensty is a non government organisation.
In these circumstances outcome of this so called investigations will be a big 0 zero.

Paru Unadkat 3 months ago

Do they need license to drive tractor?