Talei Morrison's whānau on her Legacy - The Grief and the Triumph | Facebook

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“It broke me”

#WATCH Mataia and Eruera Keepa, younger brothers of 'Smear Your Mea' campaigner Talei Morrison and her mother share their experience of...
I'm sure that my son's my may sign but you know there's a lot of denial so this boys react differently to to cancer I like to promote myself as a mighty or much individual but yeah the sparkling Kill him at home in hamilton with the morrison keep if I know they're coping but its hard since the passing of the beloved daughter and sister tyler the many ways this is a cliche but there is one piece and who you rely on to be your globe it just so happened even though she was he out to say she was there because she made sure that we all came together as a fan See my sure if we would get an ultimately would be the often that we would know what Allen said nephews erupt him when they bust mom sandy remembers the absolute shock that they told me I was diagnosed with cervical cancer I remember many moments and seriously that was a very very defining moment and through the tears she goes mom The other guys to the pump and get drunk and I said she's still found huma and is my man's first thing of footballs copy the sort of stuff doesn't happen to us and never really so here is an apps and figure and tomorrow's four days always for her is being around and the mother for Nancy form and the form of a queer and for that to be taken away from me was devastating Memories of tahoe scattered everywhere in the morrison funny this who it was especially curved for her and then you can lift it off and so everyone who came into his cities we had written information darling tyler Roy matter we have always loved to an unfortunate going to beautiful woman of attribution momentum you'll always be a very special nice to may love you always and enjoy your celebration that's from auntie Highlights health declined both my radiation updating my chemotherapy doctor gray which there is no more the conventional medicine can do and at some point this cancer will take my life she wanted to reach out to help others my post friends so she started the smell you're making pain encouraging women to get this a vital Smith has done well failure And you know those things are really should a muffled if this song was asking should should should remain with the funny but I guess it's taller view that they can live virtual purple to to represent and to communicate a message for greater than in herself she always wished she would always do it and I see to hear tyler you know it's almost wise guys I'm to two men This one thing I'm going to so I don't want any other family or person to suffer and I see it so what happens with this man she has oh so right your mamma mia here we go Tyler passed away on June sixteenth last year those water consulting I was and to some extent I'm still in sometimes and I'm hit with the reality that she's not here as usually the tongues are breakdown S As seasoned they mother tiny performers both retire chose not to perform on the National stage this year but the whole founder will be there cheering on the matter who also it's a facetime the matter stands without a tyler She's always been extra seals also gonna do something tremendous and she did People were saying in the feels the sacrifice for her copay and how can you help but not be proud of such an amazing legacy because for every woman has gone for us mia I think of charlie in the immortal you know she becomes a shadow of a mortality it's gonna shine through their lives

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