Extended highlights | LFC 4-0 West Ham | 2007/08

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A Fernando 9 Torres hat-trick and a Stevie stunner! 🤩

Enjoy a look back at a 4-0 win against the Hammers from 2008 👌

Posted 12 months ago in Sports

Steven Woolhead 12 months ago

This was my very first trip to Anfield, an awesome night, and the first of many, and more i hope to come... YNWA

Martyn Hall 12 months ago

Liverpool had the best out of Torres when he came to English football he and Gerrard was great together YNWA

Simon Lee Smith 12 months ago

Torres was phenomenal and one of the all time Liverpool Greats in my eyes!!!!

Sra Dieu 12 months ago

Well well, yesterday stories were still remember, but don't foreget the game betwen Tothenham v westham ended 3-3.. Evrything can happen in football world.. I hope the reds army get 3 points on saterday.. Good luck and ynwa ❤️🇩🇰

Matt Boca Dudley 12 months ago

My favourite ever Liverpool striker he was unreal ❤️ I used to love him as a kid

Jennifer Kim 12 months ago

My whole childhood belongs here. Still remember every single match. Every sensational moment with those lads. And the feeling of when Torres moved to Chelsea..

Eren Randa 12 months ago

Arbeloa was underrated! Great right back!

Bert Gonzales 12 months ago

His armband proved he was a red... 🎶🎵❤️
Imho the best Liverpool striker I was able to see live (kudos to Aldridge and Rush - they were too old when I saw them live first), not even Suarez was that good.
And it was one of the saddest moments when he wanted out (although his transfer fee provided us with Suarez).
#ynwa El Niño ❤️❤️❤️

Choon Yau Tan 12 months ago

Torres had back to back hat tricks that season 😁. And despite what happened towards the end, Arbeloa remains one of my favourite full backs of all time.

Philip Beesley 12 months ago

Torres and Gerrard what a pairing they were brilliant for the reds and not forgetting Alonso who was also a genius in his own right ,how we didn’t win the league with these lads is a mystery.