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✔️ The 2019 Cookie Pro contest is still going strong! It’s not too late for her to show the world just how motivated, resilient and determined to succeed...

Posted 3 years ago

Chrissy Tina 2 years ago

Hi does anyone have an extra 2019 cookie pro patch? My daughter entered the contest and I haven't been able to get one for her.

Jackie Hasser 3 years ago

I don't know how else to reach out, so I am posting here. I spent 10 amazing years in girl scouts, and when I sold cookies the sleeves went to the top of the box. I specifically remember counting 20 cookies in the Thin Mint sleeve one time. Now, they only have 16?! That is atrocious for the price being paid for the box today. Why use sleeves? Why not use a tray as the much more affordable Grasshopper by Keebler?

For almost $5 a box, you could certainly put 40 cookies in the box again.

I spent almost $60 supporting my local troops (and distributing to parents, grandparents and friends). Sometimes, I even assist and take a cookie sheet to work for a friend, and follow up with distributing their goods! (One year alone, I aided in $500 in sales to a single member) I'm a strong supporter, but the declining quantities on a readily available alternative is going to drive me to not support the cookie sales as much. A sleeve of cookies should near the top of the box, not be a full inch and a half below the box opening.