10 Crazy Pranks To Play On Your Friends And Family! Part #5

Crazy Russian Hacker • 1 year ago   1.4K     77  •  282.8K Views
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10 Crazy Pranks To Play On Your Friends And Family! Part #5

Dave Miller
Dave Miller1 year ago

You consider that flower in the air can cause an explosion with an igniter present. Not sure but it might be a problem for people with breathing problems. You might think about removing this video unless you have goog insurance.

Terry Holgate
Terry Holgate1 year ago

If U want a good prank get some kitchen plastic wrap and put it over the toilet bowl but U have to lift the seat up first then put the plastic wrap making sure it's tight then put the seat down and when some one pees it bounces back at them or if they go to do a number two it builds up under they back side

Mike R Beaudette
Mike R Beaudette1 year ago

I sure hope your wife isn鈥檛 home, otherwise she鈥檚 gonna make a science experiment out of you馃槀馃槀

Lisa Ann-Marie Barrett
Lisa Ann-Marie Barrett1 year ago

Get the cricket thing. You peel the sticker back and place it on one of the fan blades and for a long time the cricket makes a sound but they can鈥檛 find it. Lol

Rob Robert Robson
Rob Robert Robson1 year ago

I would put oregano, turmeric, flour, paprika etc make a friends house proper mess馃榿

Buljan Marin
Buljan Marin1 year ago

"You can make a line" 馃槅馃槅馃槅 he is just adorable

Linda Pierini
Linda Pierini1 year ago

Omg your wife should be so mad at you for that fan mess!

James Quenga
James Quenga1 year ago

Love watching the videos!

Darrell Murdock
Darrell Murdock1 year ago

Lmao 馃槀 with all the pranks going on you guys have alot鈥檃 cleaning going on !.. 馃槀馃憤 looks like fun 馃槀鉂わ笍

Nancy Robinson
Nancy Robinson1 year ago

It is good to repeat it as some of the people had missed it like myself