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On the Daily Climate Show, Boris Johnson addressed the Youth Cop event in Milan and insisted that COP26 could be the beginning of the end of climate change. But a poll reveals how many Conservative voters trust the PM to tackle the issue.

Plus, our guests debate whether lab-grown meat is the future.

Jocelyne Duncan
Jocelyne Duncan4 months ago

Wow they have worked hard. they added 1 word to their slogans !

Bill Bolam
Bill Bolam4 months ago

Who would believe Boris he said watch my lips there will be no increase in taxes hahaha as long as we are in office !

Sarah Greenwood
Sarah Greenwood4 months ago

Boris, you're Absolutely boring tbh I can't stand him one bit πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Raymond Askey
Raymond Askey4 months ago

Climate change will stop when this earth decided it,s warm enough.not when we decide..the end of the ice age is when it started.
It's not rocket science is it really?

Claire Burton
Claire Burton4 months ago

He just talking! His not interested or is really concerned

Anthony Allan Martin
Anthony Allan Martin4 months ago

The Priminister is Living in a world fantasy. The Sea rising is under way will be for are Grandchildren to contend with. And (No Wall be Tall enough) an opinion from a Norwegian Professor

Anthony Allan Martin
Anthony Allan Martin4 months ago

Russa has Tons & tons of Methane Gas realising up into the Atmosphere, as the Permafrost retreats.across Miles upon miles of Land

Alfred Yacoub
Alfred Yacoub4 months ago

We can’t undiscovered we’v discovered. I.e undo what we do. Sadly

John M. Currie
John M. Currie4 months ago

Stop worrying about profit πŸ“ˆ... look into geothermal and magnetic technology-based,, foods that are full of nutrients instead of the chemical stuff they feed us... lots of ideas but we need a major shift in our prospective and our true needs...

David Stow
David Stow4 months ago

And we will all have to pay though the roof to fund it