10 Women Style The Same Plaid Skirt

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We challenged 10 stylish women to style a plaid skirt. Here’s how they did!

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Skirt needs to come with shorts dang Oh my god. Wow, oh. A skirt oh so cute. I'm really excited. This is definitely a darker plaid than I would normally go for. I feel like I could pair this up with like black or white. Holy smokes I literally don't have this in my closet at all, so this will be my first time trying this on or styling it in any way, shape or form. It's giving me um the backs when I went to private school y'all. This is short so I have this skirt right here. I'm gonna go. try it on. okay. so um this fits me perfectly. Initially, my first thoughts are that it is very flattering. I like the fit. I picked out some really fun, colorful blazers and sweaters and nice fun tops to add that pop of color that I'm looking for. I got a little bit excited and I opened the box. It is a plaid skirt well actually the squirt because it is shorts underneath. I'm a little nervous because I'm considering cutting this skirt that is a little long. If you could tell from my room or my makeup, I'm very much a pastel lover. I can still match pastel accents to this and still make it my styles are so fun because you can make them preppy. You can make them edgy in the past. I've gone super edgy with this and I think I wanna try something different y'all. This is my aesthetic. This is my vibe. I love a short school girl pleaded skirt. actually I was expecting this skirt to. Be like long and more a line, but this is chic. This is. So this is me trying to incorporate my summer blazer into a fall. Look. I don't think I did too bad of a job, but I'm not really feeling it. What I like about this is that the sweatshirt is kinda crops, but not really, but it's still just like not enough. I don't know if I need a jacket. Came over it and that mad at this, so I switched it up a little bit and did this like satin cream top. So this is my closet. I have this black denim jacket. I feel like it could be a cute put over whatever top I wear underneath. I also pulled out just this like basic white button up cuz I feel it could be cool to try to button this up and do maybe like an off shoulder. I actually don't mind wearing it with like a basic black top like this, It could be jazzed up. Remember when I was like, oh. So cute to do like an asymmetrical thing with that white button up it ain't working. I feel like a bunch of you're kinda here and it doesn't feel comfortable on at all. white sweater could be kinda cute. Honestly, I like it. It's pretty cute. We're gonna go and cut this baby up. I've committed. Okay. Well, we'll assess the damage so I cut off about like an inch. This is the first look I love this white top. I love the square neckline and the poofy sleeves. I have this blazer. let's see how it looks. Oh another option with the Jean jacket. a little more casual. I think it matches pretty well. I put this black lace bra underneath this mesh top and then I'm trying something I took the fabric from the skirt that I cut and just put in my hair. Okay. Wow. This is the skirt on okay. Every skirt needs to come with shorts, especially when you're a tall girl and you kinda bend over and you don't want anyone peeking. So this sweater vest is really fun. This is like a crop little moment that looks very cool, but it might look too school girl. So I really like this already. It's a sweater vest and I have like my white turtle neck under it and it's like kind of clashing in away. but that's what kinda works. I think this looks like a Britney Spears music video which. Cute but a little two on the note, so I really thought this like plaid on plaid look cute darn Yeah. I'm really into mixing patterns, but it's almost like these colors. Maybe don't match. okay. There's something fun about this. It's also really comfortable and I don't wanna take it off so fashion. I just cannot wait to sell this. so let's get started so I pulled out a black top that has sheer sleeves. I also pulled out a sleeveless white turtle neck. I'm loving it. I think it's so cute, but I feel like if I do wanna try. The White Turtle neck I feel like I might need two pieces of this look like maybe the white Turtle neck with a blazer. This is perfect. This is exactly what I had in mind. There's black and white in the skirt, but I feel like I really have the black blazer. I add the pop of white with a turtle neck. so I think this is perfect. I do wanna put my hat on. I have it here. I think I found the bag that I wanna use feel like I have my outfit almost 100% you guys. Alright. this is my red and black outfit. I went with some nice stocks. I got my little school girl skirt mini sparkly devil really in the outfit number one you can do better. introducing me outfit number two pumpkin girl outfit right here is outfit number three. The monochromatic one got this nice checkered jacket and I've got my nice Jingle Bell. I do really like this outfit. First option is this knit vintage school sweater. I'm really loving the school girl Kauai type of vibes going on the. Of color with the gray, it's totally up my alley and it's super cozy and fun for fall good option, but let's see what else I can come up with for my next option. This really awesome cobalt blue velvet 70s blazer, and I really like the silhouette that it adds to the skirt. It's more refined more sleek and more classic, and this is what I'm really going for, but I still think that I can take it up a notch. Wow. Wow. Wow you guys. I am a. With this vintage polka-dot top and the plaid together and I think all I have to do is add a really cool fun, colorful blazer and I'm good to go so I'm at my closet trying to get some inspiration. I think I might go with like a white top also um like a gray sweater, which would look really cute, possibly wanna pair this with like one of my jackets. Okay. So here is outfit number one. I don't really like the white button down. It's just a little too. On the nose of the school girl look for me, however, I'm feeling the leather jacket, but I think we can just do better overall. so I paired this skirt with a white shirt and a very long gray sweater. I'm liking this way more. I feel like if I just pair it with some boots and a cute hat. It will be ten out of ten. Do I pair it with right? Oh my God do I just put it with like a regular long sleeve white body suit. You don't have to cover my nipples cuz you don't gonna be able to see my nipples but like cute. I'm so excited first of all so cute. I feel like if I pair it with these boots. It's gonna be a little saucier that I'm intending you know so it's a good option. Yes, we're gonna try the. It's a little sheer so you can see the tank top underneath it. I think this is it. This is pretty simple for me as I wear pleated skirts on a daily basis. I'll show you guys what I come up with. I do not like this at all, but I guess it's kind of a lesson. That you can't always mix the same color as there are cool, toned and warm tone colors, and this is just a prime example of this not working out. Okay. So here is an outfit. First. I have this white sparkly platform shoes with little hearts. I have this really cute oversize cardigan and I paired it with this white top. I really love this skirt and it's one of those colors you can match anything with it. I went with the satin button up and then I layered my cute little crop sweatshirt over top of it. I have the plaid skirt gold jewelry. I found some cute little wintry socks and my chunky combat boots and my little black dress. Here's my final look. I paired my vintage polka-dot top with this really awesome yellow silk blazer with some gold earrings, gold chains, Little Pearl headband and some patented white boots with plaid. For the final look, I decided to go over the new hats and gold hoops and white sleeves black blazer to go with the plaid skirt and some black and For my final look, I'm wearing a black mesh top layered over a black lace bra for that edgy look and for jewelry, I have my silver hoops, black choker, silver chain and my cancer necklace gifted by my roommate. Then, of course, I had to top off this look with my smashed patriarchy boots that I absolutely love for my look. I paired this skirt with a navy hat, white top and a very long gray sweater topped it off with some platform combat boots and voila feeling very tough. But very cute. We've got the final look I ended up wearing the black. Turtle neck with some silver necklaces, It's like silver chain belt and this black booties and I tossed on the black denim jacket just like off shoulder. Alright, here's my final fit. I went with the docks, the mismatch tights skirt, my little mini accessory zombie shirt and my face to match. For my outfit, I decided that I wanted to keep the soft pastel Kauai aesthetic, so I paired a white top into my skirt with this really thick cloud Cardigan and I also have this iridescent white scrunchies and I also have my staple white sparkly shoes that have metallic hearts on them. I love how my life turned out. I accessorize it with some gold hoops and gold necklaces, and then I did add a brown teddy coat. I paired it with my white. Boots and I'm feeling cute. I decided to lead into like a little Lindsey in Paris vibe. I have my shiny vinyl gray. I have this oversized sweater. I also have my knee high boots. Honestly, I would wear this again and I probably will.

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