Trump Said the Stock Market Would Tank If Biden Won

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Trump said the stock market would crash if Biden was elected president — news flash: that didn’t happen

Posted 11 months ago in Politics

Melinda Miller 11 months ago

As Trump would say I lost the proportions like the world has never seen! Put on your big boy pants a little Donnie and concede like any decent X-President would do!

Sandiford Cleo 11 months ago

He has crashed, and is now burning, he was not fit for or up to the job, and he can't stand the fact, that his so called reign, of hit and miss governing is no more. A very sore loser to the end.

Myra Harrell Fleming 11 months ago

That is an absurd comment...tally with all the other absurd predictions he has made. So pathetically sick. Dangerous poison. Lock him up, please.

Judith A. Galati 11 months ago

We can imagine a world without Mr. Trump telling people that the sky will fall unless we heed his lies.
The world we can imagine is a better place now that he has been put out to pasture.

Sylvia Alfonso 11 months ago

You could say Maybe some Fraud but 8 million Can’t be fraud! Besides then all the Republican senators re-elected won under Fraud. Can’t have it only one way.

Tony Smith 11 months ago

The stupidity of the man is so is almost beyond belief. To dumb to comprehend that Stock Markets work on speculation, and when business support that speculation Stock Market figures reflect that support..poor bugger. He'll have his hands full with even more lawsuits now.

Carol Wicher 11 months ago

He is the quintessential of a purveyor of a man standing behind a pulpit with his snakes and spewing doom and gloom.
Once he gets out of prison (I hope), perhaps he can get into a new profession, because, business and politics didn’t work for him.

Evelyn Banda 11 months ago

The stock market has nothing to do with who is President. BUT the stock market is overdue a correction.

Simon Baker 11 months ago

I think the alarming rise in coronavirus cases and deaths in the USA ought to be his focus of attention not the value of the Dow Jones index!

Fred Schneider 11 months ago

Trump has been manipulating the stock market since he got here. I'm sure before he leaves it will take a down turn. It seems like he going out of his way to hurt this country and the people in it.