This Sleep Apnea Machine Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

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This device makes it easier for people with sleep apnea to get a good night’s rest

Posted 5 years ago in Health & Medical

Regina Hyden 1 year ago

Is there anyway to get a CPAP cleaning machine is there any help paying for it? I have sleep apnea,& MS , I have no help, I’m in this on my own. I’m having a hard time trying to clean it without one . If anyone knows where I can get help paying on one . Message me please. P.O. Box 1052 Prestonsburg Kentucky 41653 . 🙏🏼

Marie Modic 5 years ago

Seems wasteful for them to just be a single use. Great idea, but quite wasteful.

Evelyn Ponton 5 years ago

Maria Ponton looks how nice. I can't wait for this to come on the market.

Matt Dufek 5 years ago

I don't understand how it works! The explanation says nothing. How is this better than cpap?

Jules Verdet 5 years ago

Mathieu Cleach tu peux acheter ca pour saint Tropez l'année pro please???

Danielle Heggie 2 years ago

Sux it's not reusable... I'd try to reuse it

Marcel Filart 5 years ago

Doesn't explain how it would give airway pressure support to keep those airways open. Unless there''s a microcompressor.
Also, current APAP machines automatically adjust to give specific pressures on inhalation and exhalation. How does this gadget do that?

Victoria Marilyn 5 years ago

Jim Smith perhaps this will solve the drool pooling issue 😂

Tony Tracy 2 years ago

By far, the best new product I’ve found since being diagnosed with sleep apnea is my SoClean Machine. I am kind of weird about the germs and had a hard time finding time in the mornings to clean it daily. This machine makes it much more sanitary and cleans it daily for me,