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Nice story

Posted 5 years ago

Ni Patil 4 years ago


Love status 4 years ago


Ni Patil 4 years ago

nice video

Sushil Panwar 4 years ago

very very nice

Sher Singh 4 years ago

This is the proper time when people all over the world would be able to judge the political character of all parties of Kashmir regarding special status of jammu-kashmir.j & k leaders are special only by virtue of 35-A,370.All Regional parties/groups/leaders confined to. j & k should realise that Articles 35-A, 370 are ornaments of jammu-kashmir state on which no dirty political game shoud be allowed by any leader of j&k.This is very clear that people of kashmir will never pardon any defaulter party.That means sureshot death of defaulter party.BJP may not hesitate repeat Recent Bihar episode throwing all moral values to winds....sher singh kathua jk india

Sher Singh 4 years ago

Very nice trailer... Kathua jk india

Prakash Kumar Shaw 4 years ago