Unable to pay for Durga Puja, 14 Gond tribe families faced social boycott

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Fourteen families of the Gond tribe in Madhya Pradesh faced social boycott as they could not contribute Rs 200 to Durga Puja celebrations

Posted 11 months ago in Social Issues

Ramanarayanan Sambamurthy 11 months ago

If their complaint is genuine, the local administration should take stern action against the Puja organisers. Some years back also the local Puja Organisers in my locality in Kolkata forced me to pay higher amount. I took up the matter with the authorities and the issue was resolved. It should be clear in everybody's mind that subscription/donation to religious and or community puja is voluntary and no force should be applied.

Chandrashekhar Jha 11 months ago

This is what "samaj" and "society" is all about nowadays. If u decide something for your benefit that does no harm to others but are different from some norm in society they ll make sure your life is a living hell.

Ramachandran Padma 11 months ago

Shameful actions on the part of the organizers.

Dinesh Reddy Kalluri 11 months ago

Bjp brahmin raj in india name sake they say they are brand ambassador for hindus they are only brand ambassador for Brahmins only

Honreiso VS 11 months ago

Human being has no value in this world where money and wealth has become everything for people! Shame. I hope we learn to value human more than money.

Ayan Sarkar 11 months ago

From today onwards I am unfollowing IE for its negetive news. Carry On. Satya Mev Jayate.

Sai A Zaad 11 months ago

Good. अच्छा हुआ। मैं भी चौकीदार लिख लेते तो डर से कोई चन्दा नहीं मांगता बल्कि खुद ही चन्दा देता इतना खौफ पैदा कर दिया है इन गुंडो ने।

Premnath Nambiar KM 11 months ago


Mang Tonsing 11 months ago

Such a shame act...

فحل الآهراس 11 months ago

Will Smith posts this video in which he remembers the past Hahaha