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WHEN ITS LEG DAY BUT EVERYDAY IS ARM DAY!!! Follow my Ig:bradleymartyn

Posted 5 years ago in Fitness & Workouts

Jesus Felix 5 years ago

Sean McGrath Adrian Rojas this guy has all my damn respect!! I respected him once he let go of the bar n balanced it on his back, but throwing in bicep curls?? Mad Respect✊🏼!!

Vishant Bhat 5 years ago

what is the fun of such training..ur arms cant be pumped in such a way..dont show kind of methods because u may have many followers and they mat start this way of training too....always support the right....everything is nt good fr entertainment

Shravan Rawal 5 years ago

I dnt get wht msg u wanna give to people!? Why are you making bodybuilding as a circus?????is tht how normal people trian?? See u can do all thus stuff but others can't. thy will look at ur all this shitttt and will try to do this. And as result they will get fucked. So be serious in what you post on social media. Dnt make fun of bodybuilding.

Patrick Lannan 5 years ago

Justin Kirby, Well no one still knows your name? Brad has trained with Olympia legends and is a fucking monster in the gym. That is why he is popular and despite the dumb shit he does for attention which he does on purpose for entertainment, he may know a thing or two about fitness to deadlift over 700lbs. Why don't you post videos of you lifting some heavy ass weight if your sit there and talk shit. All I see is that you want attention. You sir clearly have not watched a serious video he has ever released on his YouTube channel.

Ahmed Jabai 5 years ago

Even though this is a light weight for him imagine the amount of full body contraction needed just to be in full control during the entire movement.... crazy. And yeah guys, he doesn't normally train this way. It's for the video. He does plenty of videos like this. Why? It's entertaining and still badass. Stupid? Maybe. But so is more than half the shit people do on video. The most viral videos on the Internet are people doing stupid shit that is entertaining. Just gotta weigh out the risk/rewards as well as plan before you try something.

Philip Looney 5 years ago

So I wanted to say Jesus, what a douche fest!! Do doctors or nurses post videos of hey it's "cure cancer day" or "console some crying mom day". Then I thought, fuck that, enjoy your life, be silly, accomplish shit, laugh!!! Great job dude!