Life As A Great Dane Mum

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This woman shows what it's really like living with two HUGE Great Danes... 😲😂

Posted 8 months ago in Animals & Pets

Annabelle R Waldron 8 months ago

The way those beautiful dogs have had their ears mutilated makes me feel sad. There's absolutely no need for that.

Allison Leahy 8 months ago

I have a rotti that I adopted who came with her tail already removed but ears still intact. I would have kept her tail but that wasn’t a choice I was able to make. Could be the same for this lady

Dee JayBee 8 months ago

That dog looks like Batman 😂

Jilly Munnery 8 months ago

I know a lot of people are slating her for cutting the dogs ears but did she actually have it done or was it a previous owner? Her other dog which she’a had from a puppy hasn’t had its ears clipped. Surely if it was her she would’ve had it done with both dogs.

Steve Bonner 8 months ago

My Danes had the longer crop. Love the look.

Ben Manning 8 months ago

Look how beautiful it was when it was younger with beautiful soft ears till it’s sick owner abused the poor dog and cut its ears for vanity

Melissa Vaughan 8 months ago

You missed the photo where she cut off the dogs ears

Robert Carmichael 8 months ago

I would say since she showed one dog growing up and not the other then she may have got the black dog later in life after his ears had already been clipped? It’s a possibility as likely as any other so let’s try and avoid going after people without all the facts.

Carrie Mitchell 8 months ago

They are a lot calmer than my 4 Danes 🤣

Colette Rubalcaba 8 months ago

Everything is fun and games until he's in heat, then ur in trouble. Keep his azz on all fours and keep your backside away from his snicker doodle.