Can wigs become cool?

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A start-up in London is on a mission to make wigs cool, with a focus on young, black men.

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Posted 1 year ago in Fashion & Style

Ursula M Start 1 year ago

Do what makes you happy, we need to stop judging, guys if you want this do it, it wouldn't bother me it's your choice your life your decision , good on ya!

Fetardo Roberts 1 year ago

Men just embrace alopecia, it's just as cool. Own it proudly.

Lyn Miller 1 year ago

The one thing I'm certain of is that she's wearing REALLY large eye lash extensions!

Gee Jennings 1 year ago

Historically men have worn wigs.

Graham Wright 1 year ago

3 day
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Tazz Six 1 year ago

My girlfriend would have been able to tell these in a second

Heather Alexander 1 year ago