This Inuk Creator is Throat Singing with Her Mom on TikTok

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Throat singing was banned by Christian missionaries throughout the 20th century — now Inuk creator Shina Novalinga is using TikTok to keep the practice...

Posted 11 months ago

NowThis 11 months ago

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Jeanne Baker 11 months ago

What an amazing young woman. At 54, I just learned something. Thank you! Stay strong

Michelle Patience 11 months ago

I have always loved throat singing! I find it mesmerizing and beautiful! When cultural heritage is celebrated we all get to share in the beauty others bring to the world.

Daisy Blank 11 months ago

Such a beautiful culture and such a beautiful woman always embrace your Roots and continue to teach others about your culture. You have such a beautiful soul.

Robert Evans 11 months ago

Tradition and culture are so amazing and fascinating. Like others have stated it sucks previous and some current generations try to kill it, but this revival is beautiful. Have been trying myself and this ain't easy!!

Tonia House 11 months ago

I’m still trying to get over how “missionaries” dared to come to their land and forbade them to sing in their native tongue. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Megan Elaine 11 months ago

Love when we get glimpse into other cultures. You CAN learn something new every day.

Be open to new things and be amazed.

Love the throat singing. Unique.

Kai M. Wiley 11 months ago

I desperately want to learn more about the Inuit culture. I just found out my great grandmother was Inuit the culture is lost regarding my family but we want to learn.

Robert Nobles 11 months ago

Amazing. This should be passed on to more Inuit and an appreciation for it should grow outside of the culture.

Nadia Rosol 11 months ago

What is her tictok so I can see more! This was awesome. I didn’t even know this culture existed 😔