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Posted 9 months ago in Politics

Ann Abbott 9 months ago

Doubt they'll be getting my vote this time. We could have already had Labour in power if they had concentrated on that instead of going against majority of members who support Jeremy Corbyn. Cut their noses off to spite their faces .

Bernadette O'Grady 9 months ago

It says on my membership card that you are a democratic socialist party but you鈥檙e not any more.
You are most definitely not democratic and you have abandoned all the socialist pledges that as a leader you promised. I will vote for a party that upholds the same socialist values that I do, I鈥檓 voting for the greens 馃挌

Ralph Reed 9 months ago

Who do the Parliamentary Labour Party want us to vote for?
They weren't too keen on us voting Labour last General Election.

John Batey 9 months ago

Labour sending postal ballots out to ethnic minorities who can't speak English so they can tell them where to put there X on the ballot paper.

Keith Stewart 9 months ago

Vote early, vote on the 6th may. Does it matter when we don鈥檛 really have a choice. The Labour Party are not the party for the people so who do I vote for. Even though this hurts me so much to say

Robert John Davies 9 months ago

I鈥檒l be voting Plaid Cymru, first time in my life I鈥檝e not voted Labour.

Jimmy Otingocni 9 months ago

First time in my life I won't be voting Labour, mainly due to Kier Starmer and the rest of the red Tories destroying the party and sabotaging the last two general elections, the closest we've ever come to having a PM with integrity. I'm not even sure they are aware of the damage they've done to the country, unforgivable doesn't even come close to describing it. Although this election is for councils and not a GE to elect another PM, what a great opportunity to tell Starmer & Co. how utterly disgusted we are for what he's done. Imagine being so corrupt that you'd sabotage your own party's chance to lead the country. Shame on you Kier, can't wait to see how you'll spin the devastating losses this time, probably blame Corbyn....ffs

Ayaiz Sharif 9 months ago

I will not vote for a right wing Zionist Party!

Kimberley Helen Whittaker 9 months ago

There is no way I will ever vote Labour again whilst, that tory plant and zionist puppet, Starmer is Leading the Party

Roger Whybrow 9 months ago

Can't vote for the tory Labour.