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You Saw Me Comin’ - Tom Petty
Watch the new music video for “You Saw Me Comin’” - directed by Joel Kazuo Knoernschild & Katie Malia

Posted 8 months ago in Music & Audio

David Prescott 8 months ago

"Wow" "Incredible" love the song and the video. The way the video has been shot it really suits the music. A brilliant job by everyone involved 😎 👍🎩

Lynne Combs 8 months ago

This is a great song. And the video is so cool. Tom would have liked it a lot.

Helene Marie Thian 8 months ago

Fantastic song. Of course, because it's Tom Petty. But the video doesn't feel like Tom's signature style of visuals to me or tell the story. He was a superb musician, but also a superb storyteller with his lyrics.

Cheryl Miller 8 months ago

Wow. Just wow. His pure abs lovely voice just transcends his earthly bounds. Heavenly inspired. So beautiful. I had to run for Kleenex.

Suzanne Cheavens 8 months ago

Wow. Great song. But we all know he never wrote a bad one. Miss him terribly.

Teresa Albert 8 months ago

Love the scenery but would have liked the continuation of the skateboarder into a story but realize only he could tell the story with his music. Miss him so much.

Lynn Marvin 8 months ago

What a great band . Always playing for the song

Ranae Davis Maberry 7 months ago

This may be my new favorite - video, or no video. Just close your eyes, and let his voice take you away.

Theresa Cascio 8 months ago

Awesome! Keeping him alive by listening to him daily.

Hussein Plus Denise 8 months ago

I guess it would have been too easy to put these songs on Wildflowers (All the Rest). I think that is what Tom would have done. His kids & wife are just milking the fans.