Vice Pres. Harris has bilateral meeting with South Korea Pres. Moon

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Vice Pres. Kamala Harris participates in bilateral meeting with South Korean Pres. Moon Jae-in.

Posted 5 months ago in Politics

Sara Whalen Ertl 5 months ago

Poised and beautiful-it is wonderful to see our country represented by someone like Kamala. ✌🇺🇸

Crystal Farmer 5 months ago

All of these right wingers and their false narratives dont even consider that they forfeit our freedoms with their lies. Shame shame

Jackie D Pearson 5 months ago

Harris Words is all they are, I hope they can see through her crap.

David J Mahoney 5 months ago

What about the southern border?

Helen Van Hecke 5 months ago

It’s not worth our time to respond to these comments

Lois Marie 5 months ago

Does she get a participation trophy.... BORDER

Rachel Chadwick 5 months ago

Nope, we didn’t. She’s a communist hell bent on taking away our rights liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Mark Bond 5 months ago

Look her lips are moving can't believe what she's saying her other face is talking

Denise Dunne-Alford 5 months ago

Poor excuse for a woman let alone a VP

Rachel Chadwick 5 months ago

Hey Kamala, stop ruining our country. Stop lieing and stop supporting terrorists!