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LIVE: NTD News Today (Jan. 28)

Posted 9 months ago in Politics

Pearl Rodriguez 9 months ago

Alright already stop this. We have a new President. Garbage always comes out when a new President takes office. Trump wasn't a Saint even his own family said he couldn't be trusted. How sad. 😡

Linda Ingram 9 months ago

The comments on here are so funny. Do you people research anything or just get your information from Facebook. Do you care about your planet or people's rights. Apparently not.

Vicki Jones 9 months ago

So use the materials and workforce to build new mental hospitals for the mental cases we have.

Bert Kaldawi 9 months ago

You’re making my 401k go down

Lina Hendro 9 months ago

Bidet is one senile old man with dementia that needs to be removed from his position. What an evil person!! God will judge you accordingly for your wicked ways🙏

Shawna Maloy 9 months ago

Go Joe!!!!!!!!

Margo Simmons 9 months ago

What was going on in DC in the middle of the night last night. Dozens of busses, vans etc. Very bazaar!!!

Tino Ojeda 9 months ago

The fall of the U.S.

Renato Dasigan 9 months ago

Welcome to Communist America. No thanks to Americans that rigged our elections, voted for Dictator Illegitimate President Joe and his cronies.

Denise Creed Burns 9 months ago

I’m already sick of hearing about China