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Amazing voice sings Symphony! #Idol
Oh, we goes Welcome James What's Your name Hi I'm Shetland, I'm 17, and I from Colombian City What's your name Shane But a lot of my friends call me run solid fun for okay if you had to choose Simon actually may gano'n i will never choose kahit sinong gusto niyo kasi gusto ko kayong dalawa lang tama correct answer that we're also fan thank you okay what is singing for us i'm gonna sing symphony by cream bonded with my own version po okay ready game Time spring maintenance You caught me The South and now you're so Heartbeat So with your Now You're So Thankful Okay not expect symphony. I love your placement Thank you and I want to I wanna hear more cigar Thank you thanks for coming Thank you incredible myra Hi I will find out Hopefully you guys are all great influencers staffing full so I love your boy I really love your tone That was getting a lot of memory this among jester mga jacket ng pag-indak niya kasi you know you don't need to much of that kasi ang galing-galing mo na simulan ma'am never excuse thank you I'll. Be honest at the start I thought your voice is very very beautiful but it wasn't there yet but I now understand when you, said You're You suddenly among version song You wanted to surprise us at the end and I was very surprised the acting It's a bit too much better Maybe That's just really your style But maybe just use it use it when It's necessary okay, I think we're ready to vote. Yes let's start with Myra Yeah I'm marriage Yes for me Thank you for nice Yes, thank you it's a yes, for me. Also Idol City Come here oh my gosh. Thank Do you think of those people Thank you so much Congratulations Thank you very much. Thank you Thank you

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