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Posted 7 months ago in TV & Movies

Amie Briggs 7 months ago

Jeremy Kyle bring the back show right now 馃槉馃槂馃槑

Kerry Ann Booth 7 months ago

Deffo way too good for him, even after a PASS, but 1 ?....... where did the warts come from ??

Darren Walters 7 months ago

Bring him back loved watching him

Conan Getty 7 months ago

Hope yous can find episodes form 2014

Linda Smith 7 months ago

Bring back Jeremy please

Elaine Murphy 7 months ago

Bring back the Jeremy Kyle show it's not his fault a guest died also I miss Graham and big Steve also I would like to have a meet and greet with them all including the doctors

Madelynne Smith 7 months ago

Hope every guest did go well on the show need JK back ASAP hope the first guests goes well and he better treat her right or she will walk away, hope she will find her dad and both her mother and the 2 potential dads are in the wrong the mother should've done a test years ago, hope the last guests goes well and he steps up and I thought the girlfriend was upset because of the child on the way and not the fact that he doesn't give a damn and doesn't go to work and I believe the ex lie detector test because of his immaturity ways and that's all I can say on my comment thank you.

Justine McGuire 7 months ago