Trump supporters already lined up for today's rally in Florida

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FIVE DAYS UNTIL ELECTION DAY: The campaigning continues today, and cars are already lined up this morning ahead of President Donald Trump's "Make America...

Posted 12 months ago in Politics

Rita Thomason 12 months ago


John Foy 12 months ago

Here’s the difference between trump support and biden support...Clearly illustrating who’s gonna win this election

Ernestine Lozano 12 months ago

Biased media

Paul Harris 12 months ago

You obviously weren’t intelligent enough to process truthful information about the Coronavirus, in Trump’s mind!
You appreciate Big Brother deciding for you what you can handle?

Kimberly Paul 12 months ago

Or course they are! We love our President!

Carol Parker 12 months ago

So sad 😞 there’s a lot of sick people in this world. I have always kept my distance.❤️🏍👍

Chris Kominczak 12 months ago

Hope they call the busses this time

Linda Scott 12 months ago

Marie Ritchard 12 months ago


Jim Ray 12 months ago

Meanwhile, Biden hides in his basement