14 Struggles Of Having Bad Vision

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No. 10 happens too often 馃馃槀
Kurt Tocci

Posted 9 months ago

Markian 9 months ago

Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Kreshell Joy Belen Domamay 9 months ago

The accuracy of this video 馃挴 HAHAHAHAHA

Katie Kat 9 months ago

Medical tape over the bridge of the mask 馃憤馃徎 also you forgot people who can't wear contacts because our visions too bad, owning more than one pair of glasses, and prescription sunglasses and having to remember to switch them out as we go inside places 馃槀

Shelby McAlaster 9 months ago

This is exactly why I had Lazik surgery. Best decision I ever made!

Guneet Taneja 9 months ago

Have a fine near vision , but far vision needs aid and yes I could relate to so many things 馃槀馃槀

AlexXandria Field 9 months ago

I wore contacts for about 2 years straight. Honestly hated it after a while. I have chronic dry eyes(grandma has it too) and bad vision(my eye doctor was surprised I passed a drivers exam and high-school without the help of glasses). I like glasses much more.

There are mask inserts for glasses wearers. I do food delivery so I am constantly in and out of a mask and during winter they would constantly stayed fogged up. Just look them up on Amazon and dollar general had some.

Jordan Christine Simpson 9 months ago

My sight is pretty bad, and I have a second condition that requires glasses, so they only come off my face for bed and showers, and I know where I put them when I take them off, so they're never lost. I never wear makeup and can't use contacts, so most of these are definitely not things I experience.

Zvijezda Cari膰 9 months ago

25 years of wearing glasses, still forget them on my head, still remove them while reading. And lately struggling with fogging caused by mask 馃槀

Jenny Sosa 9 months ago

Before I wore glasses I struggled with squinting hard to read too I can鈥檛 see little words far away so I was probably at least 19 or 20 when I got glasses 馃槀 and I know I have problems with the foggy glasses good thing I don鈥檛 wear make up and the eye doctor told me I couldn鈥檛 wear contacts so I鈥檓 stuck with glasses 馃槀

Kara Britton 9 months ago

I鈥檝e worn glasses since kindergarten. My vision is bad. Ironically, when I鈥檓 looking at my phone just chilling in my room, I like having my glasses off. I actually love picking out my glasses when I get new ones, it鈥檚 so much fun!!!