How Can I Get My Career Back On Track During the Pandemic?

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She’s a doula and a breastfeeding specialist - but her career has taken a hit during the pandemic. Can Steve help her get things moving in the right...

Posted 10 months ago in TV & Movies

Jill Wise Cassil 9 months ago

Nobody teaches you how to be a mom. Some people need help. You get an advisor that swings by for a few minutes in the hospital then leaves a card. Her job is worthy and much needed.

Crystal Turk 9 months ago

I think it she should have used the word Lactation Consultant. I work in Healthcare and what she has described is what we call LC. Very lucrative profession it’s just that she needs help in marketing the services that she’s looking to provide.

Lori Moyer 9 months ago

I don’t know how the lady can speak with the panel giggling I think it’s disrespectful. Let both talk it doesn’t help him figure out the issue.

Jackie Dixon 9 months ago

In UK she would be a Pediatric Health Visitor advisor & needs to Have/get that Qualification or Seek advise from Hospitals or GP,s as they get the referrals from ladies asking who can help them.. As for her being a Nanny hope she has some qualifications around Childcare & H&Safety etc. She can advertise or seek out Agencies 4 work during this Global Lockdown & needs References

Franss Regis 9 months ago

This is a very important job she has. In my twenties and living in NYC i baby sat in Manhattan and lots of wealthy women had people like her coming to their aid. It was a necessity for them after coming home from the hospital with the new born. Some also had baby nurses as well. It was just too bad she was explaining to a clueless panel who turn to laughter. Very ignorant and disrespectful.

Glenda FW 9 months ago

Is she an unemployed nanny? I wouldn't think a nanny lost her job, because of the pandemic. If she's a nanny for high profile ppl, she should be able to get good recommendations from her previous employer(s), if she is good at what she does.

Sarah Taylor 9 months ago

This is out of Steve. League. He just had no clue. It sounded complicated. She a nanny with spec talents. She's talking to man wrong. Wrong person. If it was a woman they would get it. St some point. To. Many black women & women. In general. Never needed these services. But times have changed.

Sheri Anderson 9 months ago

I don't think Steve understood what the lady did for a living that's why he couldn't advise her very well.

Sonja Wilson 9 months ago

By the way, back in the days of being a nurse. ( I am now retired). There were many new mothers that had a problem with getting their babies to breast feed. And had to have instructions.
It is not a laughing matter.
I think her services are needed. She should get in touch with a few GYN’s.
That wasn’t a good question for Steve. 😂

Nason C Lee 9 months ago

Breast feeding has been going on long before you were born.....I wonder how they ever made it without your advice? Seriously? Apparently.....only the rich need your help.